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I like the meaning of this name.
― Anonymous User  9/28/2006
Tekla is also the Georgian form of Thekla.

In Georgian, Tekla is written as: თეკლა.
Lucille  5/16/2013
Also used in Sweden.
nilamalin  5/28/2015
My name is Tekla and it is Swedish in my case!
SimoneKadele  7/11/2015
Looking back at the Name Days page, I bet Tekla is used in all of the countries that have a name day for it. :)
SimoneKadele  8/26/2015
Hungarian pronunciation: TEK-law. [noted -ed]
HerculePoirot  9/1/2016
This is also used in Poland.
DundiculutNicholas  2/22/2017
Although pretty rare, it is also used in Poland. It always struck me as an old lady name but just recently I've met a little girl named Tekla and I must say, it is rather sweet on a small child.
Chwala  5/24/2017

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