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Meaning & History

Either a feminine form of Þórr (see THOR) or else a short form of the various Old Norse names beginning with the element Þór. In Norse myth Thora was the wife of the Danish king Ragnar Lodbrok.
VariantTófa Ancient Scandinavian
Masculine FormÞór Icelandic
Other Languages & CulturesThora, Tora, Torborg, Tordis, Turid, Tove Danish Thora German Thora, Tora, Torbjørg, Torborg, Tordis, Torhild, Torny, Turid, Tone, Toril, Torill, Torø, Tove, Tuva Norwegian Thora, Tora, Torborg, Tordis, Turid, Thorborg, Tova, Tove, Tuva Swedish
Same SpellingThora
User SubmissionThóra

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