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What a wonderful Scandinavian name :-) I hope it gets used more in western nations the current fashion for anything Viking should help.
Goldcrown  7/2/2017
Thora Birch is an American actress. She had early roles in the short-lived sitcom Day by Day and in Purple People Eater (1988), in which she won a Young Artist Award for "Best Young Actress Under Nine Years of Age". She also starred in other films, such as All I Want for Christmas (1991), Patriot Games (1992), Hocus Pocus (1993), Monkey Trouble (1994), Now and Then (1995) and Alaska (1996). Her breakthrough role came in 1999 with the Academy Award winning film American Beauty. Her performance was well received by both critics and audiences and brought Birch to international recognition. She later played the lead role in Ghost World (2001) for which she received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. She appeared in independent films, such as Dark Corners (2006), Train (2008) and Winter of Frozen Dreams (2009). After taking a break from acting, Birch resumed her acting career in 2016 and played software engineer Morgan in the first season of Carlton Cuse's television series Colony, as well as starring in four independent films.
cutenose  2/21/2017
Thora Birch is an actress.
ERK  12/12/2016
Thora is a super beautiful and exotic name. I imagine a girl with long and thick dark hair which fans around her face. With vivid eyes. I love names that end with -ora. The only one I love more then Thora is Isadora. But it's overall a good choice, especially for those who love Norse mythology.
QuinnBethany  9/29/2016
I love the sound of this name and the Norse meaning!
― Anonymous User  10/8/2015
Thora Birch is an American actress (born 1982 in Los Angeles, California).
― Anonymous User  8/8/2012
I love the name! It was the name of the Norse god THOR, hence THORA is a feminine version thereof. And it means THUNDER (Thor was the god of thunder and war).
GibsonGirl  7/6/2012
Beautiful name with a slightly old-fashioned feel to it. Rather strong, as well. In any case, a totally usable and fun name.
erb816  11/3/2010
A famous bearer of this name was English actress Thora Hird (28 May 1911 – 15 March 2003). Amazing/legendary actress! :)
walesgal92  3/13/2010
Pronounced TOO-rah in Swedish.
Beautiful Victory  12/12/2009
Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein (granddaughter of Queen Victoria) was called Thora by her family.
Kate  6/13/2008
I think this name sounds way cool in English, even though it reminds me of 'thorax' and Thorazine. I hate it in Swedish, though!
slight night shiver  5/9/2008
I think Thora is a very strong name, works well on a girl with a lot of confidence! And it's unsual without sounding "made up."
museumdoll  3/2/2007
Thora Renee Birch is an American actress of Jewish, Scandinavian, and Italian descent.
― Anonymous User  12/20/2005
Children today will recognize Thora as the name of the grandmother in Marc Brown's Arthur series.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  5/12/2005

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