GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: Biblical
OTHER SCRIPTS: טוֹבִיָּה (Ancient Hebrew)
PRONOUNCED: to-BIE-ə (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
From the Hebrew name טוֹבִיָּה (Toviyyah) which meant "YAHWEH is good". This was the name of an Ammonite in the Book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament.
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Tobias (Biblical Greek), Toviyyah (Biblical Hebrew), Tobias (Biblical Latin), Tobias (Danish), Tobias, Toby (English), Topias, Topi (Finnish), Tobias (German), Tovia, Tuvya (Hebrew), Tobias (Norwegian), Tobiasz (Polish), Tobias (Swedish), Tevye (Yiddish)