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PronouncedPron.UWL-rikh German

Meaning & History

From the Germanic name Odalric meaning "prosperity and power", from the element odal "heritage" combined with ric "power". It has long been confused with the Germanic name Hulderic. This was the name of two German saints. Another famous bearer was Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531), also known as Huldrych, the leader of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland.
VariantOdalric Ancient Germanic
DiminutivesUlli, Utz German Ueli German (Swiss)
Feminine FormsUlrike, Ulli German
Other Languages & CulturesOldřich Czech Ulrik Danish Ulric English Ulrik Norwegian Oldrich Slovak Urh Slovene Ulrik Swedish


Painting of Ulrich Zwingli from the 16th centuryPainting of Ulrich Zwingli from the 16th century

Sources & References

  • Ernst Förstemann, Altdeutsches namenbuch (1900), page 1191


athletes, Legend of the Galactic Heroes characters, power, saints, wealth
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