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Vonda Shepherd is a singer famous for singing the music to T.V. show "Ally McBeal".
emeraldstar  6/29/2006
This is my mom's name, except she spells it Yvonda, and the "Y" is silent. We get lots of calls asking for "Yuh-vond-duh". But I think this is a really pretty name. And unique! I definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for an uncommon name.
― Anonymous User  7/1/2006
This is also my mom's name (only spelt Vonda). Her mother got the name out of a book she had read. She often gets called Vanda or Wanda, but regardless, I have never came across another Vonda.
flowerkate  8/8/2006
My name is Vonda. I love it! My mother saw it in a magazine in the 70's. There was a Miss Universe by that name. I wasnt born until 1980 but she liked it so much that she remembered it for 10 years until I was here. I couldn't imagine having any other name, and wouldn't want to for that matter.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2007
It may be quite a modern name, but it already sounds like the name of a middle-aged, worn out, unpleasant, and obese woman. The name borders on trashy. It can sound quite annoying in some people's pronunciation.
slight night shiver  5/13/2008
My parents named me Vonda after a girl named Vonda from Live Oak Florida that my dad attended school with & had a huge crush on at Suwannee high school. I saw pictures of her from high school where she was a majorette & a cheer leader & thought she was pretty but finally met her in person not long ago & even though she was now in her 40's she was drop dead gorgeous. She had a slim tight figure, dark tan, & long blonde hair. She told me her parents named her after Dick Van Dyke's daughter, Vonda Kaye, who was 1965 Miss America, the year she was born! I love my name and am proud to be named after Vonda from Live Oak, Florida!
vonda4444  7/25/2010
My name is Vonda, and I was named after Vonda Kay Van Dyke. She was Miss America, nee Miss Arizona, in 1965. Her talent was ventriloquism. She was not, however, the daughter of Dick Van Dyke, nor was she Miss Universe.
GingerMa  11/11/2015

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