Given Name XIMENO

GENDER: Masculine

Meaning & History

Medieval Spanish or Basque name of uncertain meaning. It is possibly a form of SIMON (1), though it may in fact derive from Basque seme meaning "son".


medieval, uncertain etymology
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Ximun (Basque), Simeon, Simon (Biblical), Simon, Symeon (Biblical Greek), Shimon (Biblical Hebrew), Simon, Symeon (Biblical Latin), Simeon (Bulgarian), Šimun, Šime, Šimo (Croatian), Šimon (Czech), Simon (Danish), Siemen, Simon, Siem (Dutch), Simon (English), Simo (Finnish), Simon (French), Siemen (Frisian), Simon, Simoni (Georgian), Simon (German), Shimon (Hebrew), Simon (Hungarian), Simone (Italian), Simonas, Simas (Lithuanian), Simon, Sime (Macedonian), Simon, Simen (Norwegian), Szymon (Polish), Simão (Portuguese), Simion, Simon (Romanian), Semen, Semyon (Russian), Simeon (Serbian), Šimon (Slovak), Simon (Slovene), Simón, Jimeno (Spanish), Simon (Swedish), Semen, Symon (Ukrainian), Shimmel (Yiddish)
Entry updated August 16, 2017