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Meaning & History

Medieval Spanish or Basque name of uncertain meaning. It is possibly a form of SIMON (1), though it may in fact derive from Basque seme meaning "son".
Other Languages & CulturesXimun Basque Simeon, Simon Biblical Simon, Symeon Biblical Greek Shimon Biblical Hebrew Simon, Symeon Biblical Latin Simeon Bulgarian Šimun, Šime, Šimo Croatian Šimon Czech Simon Danish Siemen, Simon, Siem Dutch Simon English Simo Finnish Simon French Siemen Frisian Simon, Simoni Georgian Simon German Shimon Hebrew Simon Hungarian Simone Italian Simonas, Simas Lithuanian Simon, Sime Macedonian Simon, Simen Norwegian Szymon Polish Simão Portuguese Simion, Simon Romanian Semen, Semyon Russian Simeon Serbian Šimon Slovak Simon Slovene Simón, Jimeno Spanish Simon Swedish Semen, Symon Ukrainian Shimmel Yiddish


medieval, uncertain etymology
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