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Zane is also a very popular female name in Latvia, a short form of German Susanne.
-- Anonymous User  4/30/2005
Zane is a character in Amelia Atwater-Rhodes's Kiesha'ra series. The character is awesome and he looks pretty hot on the cover. The books are good.
-- Anonymous User  5/11/2005
This is another version of the name John.
-- Anonymous User  5/27/2005
When I think of Zane I have this image of a very tough, macho, confident guy on a motorcycle, an action hero basically. Think Vin Diesel.
-- Anonymous User  9/17/2005
Zane Grey (or Gray?) is an author of Western novels.
-- breakofday  12/16/2005
I think it's probable that the origin of Zane as a surname was England, not Denmark. In Zane Grey's family there was the family legend that their first American ancestor was from "Danish nobility", but as far as I know there is no real evidence for that and the original Zane settler in New Jersey, Robert Zane, is described in genealogical records as having been born in Devonshire, England, and moving to New Jersey after spending a few years in Dublin, Ireland. [noted -ed]
-- Anonymous User  6/11/2006
This name ROCKS! I like the fact it starts with a "Z". I don't like a lot of Z names but I like this one. It does give off a hint of this wild child but a likeable one. I like it!
-- Anonymous User  6/22/2006
I am distantly related to Zane Grey (whose full name was Pearl Zane Grey - I can see why he went by Zane), so I have gotten used to it over the years. It is still rather a nice name (there aren't a lot of great "Z" names) in my opinion, although the word "zany" comes to mind. But that wouldn't deter me from using this name as a middle name someday.
-- Pheadirean  7/26/2006
Zane is a cool name for a boy, I love it.
-- Anonymous User  9/27/2006
Zane is an old name in our family line. It's been passed down in first or middle names. Oddly enough both my grandfather's first names started with Zane. They are both two different people as well. Alike, they are strong men, and protectors of those they love. My brother was given Zane as a middle name. To honor the name, my husband and I are passing it on to our boy.
-- Lexx7007  12/28/2006
Zane is a cool name. It's very strong and spirited.
-- Anonymous User  2/24/2007
My first name is Zane (pronounced Zanair) and I am a first generation FEMALE Australian - my name originated from Latvia and although it has been listed in your namesday calendar for Latvia I was dissapointed to read all the comments stating that it is a 'masculine' name and an English boys name with no real bearing on its original heritage and/or meaning. I think I have a beautiful and unique name (when pronounced correctly!) and would love to find out more of it's history.
-- zedbubbles  4/2/2007
I thought Zane was an Australian name.
-- Clodagh  4/9/2007
In the books Pretties and Specials (by Scott Westerfeld), Zane is a major character.
-- Elphaba  4/25/2007
The name Zane is most often considered to be of English or Welsh origin and a variant of John. It has relatives in Sean and Ian of the same region (the British Isles).
-- Morinoore  6/25/2007
Zane is an author of erotica.
-- Anonymous User  7/31/2007
Zane is an uncommon Greek first name from the Cycladic Island of Andros. Locals there say it descended with the Carpathic Mountain tribes who settled in the Aegean sometime around 1200 BC (if I'm not mistaken). The name has always had strong roots on Andros and conquerors like the Athenians, Byzantines (as Christians), Genoese and others couldn't eliminate it.
-- Zane Katsikis  11/9/2007
Although I usually hate names that start with or are pronounced with a stressed 'z', I rather like this name. It sounds cool, and it is simpler than Xavier. I could imagine using this as a middle name for Ewan, assuming I'll ever get a chance to use those names, as it's not legal over here to use foreign names unless one of the parents is foreign.
-- slight night shiver  5/13/2008
My son is named Zane and he is the only boy in his preschool class with a "Z" name! I think it is a great, strong name.
-- Daisy Miller  7/28/2008
Zane is the main character in the book On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony, the first book in Incarnations of Immortality. He's a young man who is about to commit suicide, but when he sees the Incarnation of Death walking through the door to collect him, he instead shoots and kills Death. He is then forced to become the Incarnation of Death. He was kind of a nothing man, but became a quite extraordinary Death. It's a great book! Zane was the perfect name for him. I really like the name Zane.
-- harry_sent_me  10/13/2008
I know a guy in my grade named Zane, but it's spelled Zayne.
-- lizard  1/10/2009
Zane Lowe (born Alexander Zane Wilberforce Reid Lowe) is a DJ and TV presenter who presents an evening show in BBC Radio 1.
-- x__isa  9/1/2009
I believe Zane also has the meaning "beloved."
-- SummerSerenades  10/8/2009
Zane is a variation of the name "John," and it also shares its meaning.

Its meaning is "God is Gracious."
-- Anonymous User  11/23/2009
Zane sounds like an alien name - seriously - you'll be up for teasing!
-- Anonymous User  1/29/2010
Zane is such a great name! A character in the tv show Euraka is named this and he is very good looking and a little mischievious. Love this name!
-- CrystalJean  8/7/2010
I love the name Zane! It makes me think of a fun guy with a happy, open personality. Too cute :)
-- Nina.Matau  1/17/2011
I have an inexplicable fondness for most 'Z' names. I think Zachary Zane would be a cool first/middle name combo.
-- mrose19  7/21/2011
Zane is also a character on the SyFy show "Eureka".
-- GibsonGirl  8/27/2011
I first encountered this name about 10 years ago. I always thought it was a very unusual name. I have only met one person with this name and had not heard of it being used again until SyFy introduced the character of "Zane" on the show Eureka.
-- GibsonGirl  8/27/2011
Zane is a form of John.
-- Anonymous User  11/30/2011
Zane is also a Latvian feminine name, a short form of Zuzanna. According to the Population Register of Latvia (PMLP) there are 5383 women in Latvia called Zane.
-- overtheclouds  10/8/2012
I heard that Zane was an Olde English derivation of John.
-- fillyo4  2/18/2013
The name Zane is based on the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet and is alternatively spelled Zayin, Zayn, Zein and Zain. It is a common Arabic and Hebrew name.
-- Anonymous User  4/10/2013
This name gives me the impression of a strong, quiet, kind little boy. The meaning "God is gracious"--from John--is a great meaning, and I would consider this name if I didn't already like Zaina...
-- Cece Quincy  10/10/2013

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