Medieval Spanish Names

These names were used by medieval Spanish peoples.
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DIDACUSmMedieval Spanish
Form of DIEGO found in medieval Latin records.
GARSEAmMedieval Spanish
Meaning unknown, possibly related to the Basque word hartz meaning "bear". This was the name of several medieval kings of Navarre and Leon.
LORENCIOmMedieval Spanish
Archaic Spanish form of Laurentius (see LAURENCE (1)).
NUÑOmMedieval Spanish
Spanish form of NUNO.
SUEROmMedieval Spanish
Medieval Spanish form of Suerius, probably a Latinized form of a Germanic name composed of an unknown first element combined with hari "army".
VELASCOmMedieval Spanish
Medieval Spanish form of VASCO.
XIMENOmMedieval Spanish
Medieval Spanish or Basque name of uncertain meaning. It is possibly a form of SIMON (1), though it may in fact derive from Basque seme meaning "son".