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There are 18 names on marythenamefairy's personal name list.
Name M/F Comment
ABILENE   f  It's so beautiful! it does not sound like an apple in a tree with a smily face! 
ALASTAR   m  Alaster is another alternative to this awesome name! 
CHARLIE   m  Charlie on a girl is sooooo.....eeewww....Charlie on a boy is cute :) 
CHARLOTTE   f  The Movie "Charlottes Web" scares me but still I love this name... 
CHRISTINA   f  It's beautiful, Christina Aguilera rocks and so does Christina Applegate 
DONOVAN   m  My mom once took care of a sweet little boy who had this name. Van is a cool nick name. 
EDWARD   m  A gentlemans name.....And my favorite character in Twilight. 
EVELEEN   f  so much nicer than Evelyn...too many E's though, but I guess it's a good thing. 
HARRISON   m  Masculine, and Harrison Ford rocks!!!! 
HOLLY   f  so cute for a child and for a grown woman. 
JAMES   m  I've always liked this name, But James who was on survivor is AWESOME!!!! 
JENNA (1)   f  It sounds sweet and much nicer than Jennie and Jennifer. A sweet girl bore this name, but she moved away... 
JUDE   m  Mello, calm and sophisticated. Definitly not on a girl!!!!!! 
MARIANNE   f  I like my name and the name Anne is so nice. so Mary+Anne=Marianne 
MIRABELLE   f  I like Marabelle a little bit better, but this is nice too. 
PATRICK   m  My dad's name, and Saint Patrick! so masculine and strong. 
PETER   m  My Uncle bears this name, it's so biblical and old fashioned. 
ROSEMARY   f  Rose+Mary= Rosemary I've gotta name a character after this name! so beautiful and feminine. Yes it's the name of a herb.