Subject: Re: Top 10 Time
Author: Rachel Shaina   (Authenticated as Evil)
Date: February 1, 2009 at 2:51 PM
Reply to: Top 10 Time by Rachel Shaina

1. Helena
2. Avril
3. Zakiah
4. Anna
5. Rosalie
6. Parisa
7. Vivienne
8. Aviva
9. Esme
10. Kreszentia

I'm feeling oddly apathetic to my girls lately.

Compared to last year:
Helena, Avril, Anna are the same.
Everything else is new. Last years looks dull in comparison.

1. Ashley
2. Edward
3. Lucian
4. Mordecai
5. Ari
6. Hollis
7. Jacob
8. Nekoda
9. Zia
10. Haven

Compare to last year:
Ashley is the same
Edward is half the same... last year, it was Edgar/Edward
Jacob still appears, but in a different place
Everything else is new
Last year looks more masculine.

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