Subject: Re: Top 10 Time
Author: Clippy   (Authenticated as Clippy)
Date: February 1, 2009 at 5:23 PM
Reply to: Top 10 Time by Rachel Shaina

Zelda Lenore
Lydia Temperance
Veronica Mercy
Iris Xochiquetzal
Beatrix Lily (with BtN help)

Thomas Jerome
Arthur Leon
Horatio Miles
Edmund Philip
Gideon Owl (also with help)

The rest of my combos are in limbo right now; I just need to sit down and work them out.

ETA: Forgot to compare, sorry. The first time I did this was last April, and then I only had individual names. For the girls, the only true newbies are Beatrix and Veronica, but those actually go back a looong time for me anyway. Boys are nearly exactly the same; it seems I combined some of the individual ones into combos, that's all. Gideon Owl is completely new, though.

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