Subject: Re: Top 10 Time
Author: Ms. Veronica M   (Authenticated as Veronica_Mignon)
Date: February 1, 2009 at 8:32 PM
Reply to: Top 10 Time by Rachel Shaina

I always wanted to join this, but I figured it would be best to wait for January.

1. Ari
2. Hugo
3. Mitya
4. Alexander
5. August
6. Cecil
7. Tybalt (still on this kick)
8. Mason
9. Uzzi
10. Caleb

1. Garnet
2. Violet
3. Eden
4. Frankie
5. Beatrix
6. Axelle
7. Clyde
8. Skuld
9. Leena
10. Roma

Difference from last year is that because I've seen Eden a lot recently, my love for it has waned. Garnet's definitely my favorite right now.

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