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Subject: Re: February top 10
Author: ElizainEngland   (Authenticated as ElizainEngland)
Date: February 2, 2011 at 7:20 AM
Reply to: February top 10 by Sigrid

Still haven't come up with any firm combos yet (after a complete rehaul late last year) so here's my top 10 first and middle names for each sex. My last for each is the same (my unisex option).

Boys first: Franklin, Zakiah, Emmett, Cyrus, Lyall, Varian, Donovan, Gratian, Yannick, Rayne

Boys Middle/Hebrew names: Eliam, Yosef, Reuel, Elihu, Admiel, Oziel, Itai, Tuviah, Yonael, Malkiel.

Girl's first: Winifred, Honora, Teresa, Frances, Kaelia, Penina, Joyce, Ilana, Nessia, Rayne

Middle/Hebrew names: Iscah/Yisca, Bakara, Micaiah, Ketziah, Amalia, Serach, Neora, Shifra, Meira, Yosefa

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