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Subject: Re: Generation CAF (6 of 9)
Author: Uilos   (Authenticated as Erme Ioainna)
Date: October 20, 2019 at 4:05:58 AM
Reply to: Generation CAF (6 of 9) by Belphoebe
DH: Noah David Wexler
DW: Francesca Rosabel "Fran" Wexler, née Ettrick

DD: Emerald Davina "Emmy" Wexler
- SO: Amy-Lynn Kathleen Pearson
-- DS: Vance Brogan Pearson-Wexler
-- DS: Casey Deacon Pearson-Wexler
-- DS: Gray Simeon Pearson-Wexler
-- DS: Leif Gideon Pearson-Wexler

DD: Cleo Francesca Wexler
- SO: Victoria Alyssa "Tori" Thiessen
-- DD: Morgan Brianna Thiessen-Wexler
-- DD: Caitlin Michaela "Cate" Thiessen-Wexler
-- DD: Lauren Cassandra "Laurie" Thiessen-Wexler

DD: Flora Matilda "Flo" Wexler
- SO: Malcolm Neil Rusby
-- DS: Maxwell William "Max" Rusby
-- DD: Nina Theresa Rusby
-- DS: Wesley Roderick "Wes" Rusby
-- DS: Quentin Joseph Rusby
-- DS: Harrison Malcolm "Hal" Rusby
-- DD: Juliet Rebecca "Jools" Rusby
-- DD: Daphne Maria Rusby

DD: Mavis Rosabel "May" Gutnik, née Wexler
- DH: Bohdan Antonovych Gutnik
-- DS: Casimir Anton Bohdanovych "Cas" Gutnik
-- DD/DD/DD: Anastasia Elena Bohdanivna "Stasie" Gutnik & Gabriela Nadia Bohdanivna "Gabbie" Gutnik & Magdalena Anoushka Bohdanivna "Maggie" Gutnik

DD: Sage Amalia Wexler
- SO: Ian Michael Jeffries
-- DS: Asa Ian Jeffries
-- DD: Kendra Lauren Jeffries
-- DD: Heidi Jaclyn Jeffries
-- DD: Trina Whitney Jeffries
-- DD: Shawna Aimee Jeffries

DD: Linnea Celeste "Linn" Wexler
DD: Poppy Jordana Wexler
DD: Juniper Octavia "June" Wexler

Formerly known as Remora L.

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