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Subject: Generation CAF (6 of 9)
Author: Belphoebe   (Authenticated as Belphoebe)
Date: October 20, 2019 at 2:46:31 AM
LN: Starts with the letter J

SO1: DD5

DD5 and her SO have five children. At least four daughters, the fifth child’s gender is up to you.

Aimee Amanda April Bethany Buffy Candace Carrie Casey Cassandra Chrissy Felicia Heather Heidi Holly Jaclyn Jamie Jessica Jodi Kami Kari Kelly Kendra Kirsten Lauren Leigh Monica Rochelle Shawna Stacy Stephanie Stevie Tiffany Trina Trista Whitney

Abel Ari Asa Elijah Ian Isaiah Joah Kynan Kian Kipling Kobe Liam Luca Michael Noah Rex

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