Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. THEE-o(English) TEH-o(German) TEH-yo(Dutch)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Short form of Theodore, Theobald and other names that begin with Theo.

Related Names

VariantsTed, Teddie, Teddy, Tibby(English)
Feminine FormTheodora(English)
Other Languages & CulturesTewodros(Amharic) Theodoros, Theodorus, Theophilos, Theophilus(Ancient Greek) Toros(Armenian) Theophilus(Biblical) Teodor, Todor(Bulgarian) Teodor, Teo(Croatian) Teodor, Theodor(Czech) Theodor(Danish) Teuvo(Finnish) Théodore, Théophile, Thibaud, Thibault, Thibaut, Théo(French) Tedore(Georgian) Theobald, Theudebald, Baldo(Germanic) Theodoros, Theofilos(Greek) Tivadar, Tódor(Hungarian) Teodoro, Baldo, Teo, Teobaldo, Teofilo(Italian) Teodors(Latvian) Thei(Limburgish) Tybalt(Literature) Teodor, Todor, Toše, Toshe(Macedonian) Teodor, Theodor(Norwegian) Teodor, Teofil(Polish) Teodoro, Teófilo, Téo, Teobaldo(Portuguese) Teodor, Teofil, Tudor, Theodor(Romanian) Feodor, Feofil, Fyodor, Fedor, Fedya(Russian) Teodor, Todor(Serbian) Teodor(Slovak) Teodor, Teo(Slovene) Teobaldo, Teodoro, Teófilo, Baldo, Teo(Spanish) Teodor, Theodor(Swedish) Fedir(Ukrainian)
Same SpellingThéo


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Entry updated April 25, 2021