Gender Masculine
Scripts Θεόδωρος(Ancient Greek)

Meaning & History

Latinized form of the Greek name Theodoros (see Theodore). As a Dutch name, it is used on birth certificates though a vernacular form such as Theodoor is typically used in daily life.

Related Names

VariantsTheodoros(Ancient Greek) Theodoor(Dutch)
Feminine FormTheodora(Ancient Greek)
Other Languages & CulturesTewodros(Amharic) Toros(Armenian) Teodor, Todor(Bulgarian) Teodor, Teo(Croatian) Teodor, Theodor(Czech) Theodor(Danish) Theodore, Ted, Teddie, Teddy, Theo(English) Teuvo(Finnish) Théodore, Théo(French) Tedore(Georgian) Theodor, Theo(German) Theodoros(Greek) Tivadar, Tódor(Hungarian) Teodoro, Teo(Italian) Teodors(Latvian) Thei(Limburgish) Teodor, Todor, Toše, Toshe(Macedonian) Teodor, Theodor(Norwegian) Teodor(Polish) Teodoro, Téo(Portuguese) Teodor, Tudor, Theodor(Romanian) Feodor, Fyodor, Fedor, Fedya(Russian) Teodor, Todor(Serbian) Teodor(Slovak) Teodor, Teo(Slovene) Teodoro, Teo(Spanish) Teodor, Theodor(Swedish) Fedir(Ukrainian)


Entry updated April 25, 2021