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Subject: Re: Generation CAF (6 of 9)
Author: Jessamine   (Authenticated as JesikaJayne)
Date: October 20, 2019 at 6:04:17 AM
Reply to: Generation CAF (6 of 9) by Belphoebe
DH: Noah Anthony Wescott
DW: Greta June {Kaufmann} Wescott

DD: Arden Joy {Wescott} Padden
— DH: Penn Malcolm Padden
— DS: Beckett Pierce Padden
— DS: Deacon Clark Padden
— DS: Grayson Ellis Padden
— DS: Callum Walker Padden

DD: Matilda Sage {Wescott} Talley
— DH: Shane Donovan Talley
— DS: Trevor Dominic Talley
— DS: Tanner Zachary Talley
— DD: Tori Alexandria Talley

DD: Elodie Linnea {Wescott} Reynolds
— DH: Quentin Grant Reynolds
— DS: Grant Quentin Reynolds
— DD: Leah Jacqueline Reynolds
— DS: Wesley Harrison Reynolds
— DS: Brooks William Reynolds
— DS: Sterling Duncan Reynolds
— DD: Daphne Elisabeth Reynolds
— DD: Juliet Hope Reynolds

DD: Mirren Dove {Wescott} Giehl
— DH: Luka Constantin Giehl
— DS: Roman Viktor Giehl
— DD: Anastasia Zofia Giehl
— DD: Ekaterina Nadia Giehl
— DD: Valentina Elena Giehl

DD: Arista Emmeline {Wescott} Jephson
— DH: Abel Isaiah Jephson
— DD: Kelly Monica Jephson
— DD: Lauren Jessica Jephson
— DD: Cassandra Leigh Jephson
— DD: Jamie Rochelle Jephson
— DD: Heidi Amanda Jephson

DD: Celia Haven Wescott
DD: Maeve Keelin Wescott
DD: Holland Rosabel Wescott

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causing me to spill my coffee on my dress,
than ever hand someone else the keys to my life.
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