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Compromise with your partner Game (Sign Up) (Part 4)
I’m baaack. I’ve been pretty inactive on BtN these days but I’m back for now since I have the week off and my interest for names is coming back again. The objective of the game is pretty simple, I assign you a random partner and from there I will give you a baby boy or girl (Maybe twins, triplets.. or quadruplets?? ;)) to name WITH them.You will compromise and discuss what you named the kid and come back to tell everybody what you named it. The reasonings can be sentimental, for shits and giggles, or whatever. I hope more people join this time around, it’s pretty fun to me.This is the Nursery, so when you and your partner have the final name for the child, one of you can share what his/her name is. you need to know to play this game
- In order to play, we need an even number of people willing to
participate. So as soon as a sufficient amount of people come in
and the number is even so there's no left out people, I will close
the thread and from there no more people can join. But don't
fret, if this goes well I will do it regularly. :)
- You need to okay with private messaging. Once I assign
partners, you will take it to the DMS and compromise with your
partner to name whatever child(ren) it is I give you. I will not
make any negotiations regarding who you will be partnered up
with. It's completely random, as is the gender of the baby.
- After you're done naming your baby with your partner, you can
come to the Nursery thread I'll make soon after and share the
name you came up with. There's no rules no nothing. You guys
both share your favorite names with each other and mix and
match from there. It can be for any reason or name under the
sun. You can even go ahead and give them personalities.
Yup, so if you want to have a BtN child, come and sign up here!!
"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." - William Shakespeare

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Sorry for the delay! Happy naming!@Ohad Yigal & @VeronicaLove_yoot : A boy@Robin-King010 & @ari. : A boy@skinnyminnie & @BeccyLeader2: A girl
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I'm in! I love this game!
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Ill join!
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I'm up.
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I’ll join
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Signing up!
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I'm playing.
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