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Vada today, 10:15 AM by nevadah
Vada Sultenfuss is a fictional character, the young heroine and main protagonist of the 1991 film My Girl and the 1994 sequel My Girl 2.
Mallory today, 9:46 AM by Magdalena
It makes me think of blenders and mixers, because of a brand that has this name. If you don't take the meaning into consideration, the name is fine, but just another dying trendy name from the recent past.
Margaret today, 9:35 AM by harathor
I love the name Margaret the meaning is pretty meaning pearl and the history of the name is fascinating, however i think the main reason i love this name so much is because St. Margaret is depicted in medieval arts with dragons and I love dragons so this name is high up for me. the nicknames for Margaret are kind of hit and miss for me, I like most of the nicknames for it I just like some more than others or prefer the whole name Margaret to certain shortened names. All in all a great strong beautiful name.
Miley today, 9:28 AM by nevadah
I loveeee the sound of Miley but I wouldn't use it due to the strong association with Miley Cyrus. It's especially strong for me since I grew up in the Hannah Montana era.
Valerie today, 9:22 AM by Magdalena
A 1960s-70s name which is still going, but below the top 100. It's delicate and agreeable. I like it, but prefer Valeria.
Walburga today, 9:16 AM by Magdalena
I respect the name on account of the saint, and besides, I can't judge a German name. Obviously, it doesn't work in English, but this doesn't mean the name is bad. There are other languages and cultures, after all.
Valerie today, 8:59 AM by sharky1973
I think it's very pretty, but I agree with several others that it feels dated to people born in the 1960s at the moment. It has been hovering near 150th place on the U.S. girls' chart for the past 30 years, and I doubt it will ever get much higher than that, unless it comes to prominence through celebrity or a beloved character in tv/film/books. I would be pleased to meet a child named Valerie, and she's almost guaranteed to be the only Valerie in her class, or even in her whole school.
Severus today, 8:48 AM by Anonymous User
If I didn't know who Snape was, I probably would have not liked it but knowing him and how he was such a good person, I love this name :)
Conley today, 8:10 AM by olliethemathemeticia
This name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX
Branwen today, 8:09 AM by sprout
Also could mean “blessed raven”, which is definitely my favourite meaning.
Walburga today, 7:38 AM by sprout
Name of the day…I can’t get past “burger”. Wall burger.
The Walburga Black association doesn’t bother me, though.
Cilicia today, 7:22 AM by nevadah
I love this name as it is a place in the Bible, and during Bible studies I often think of how pretty this is. I also like the meaning, "that which overturns". If I named my daughter this, I feel she would have plenty of more traditional nickname options, such as: CiCi, Lissa, Liz, Lissy.
Eddie today, 7:20 AM by cookielover
only, for girls ok?
Manuel today, 7:19 AM by cookielover
only for those in 56's has this name
just kidding! more worse than my real name
Nevada today, 7:19 AM by nevadah
This is my name, but spelled with an H at the end (due to family tradition).
I like it, though I did go through periods of disliking it as a teenager.
I wasn't teased as much by other kids at school, more so by adults. In the work world, people do frequently make fun of my name and call me other states or Las Vegas, etc. So that is one downside.
I go by Nev as a nickname, pronounced the same as Neve Campbell (she is one of my favorite actresses so that is why I go by this nickname). But there are plenty of nickname options for this name like Ada, Eva, Vada, Nev/Neve, Neva, Addy, etc.
I've never met another Nevada(h) but I have seen another Nevadah on social media, and I've met Neva's and Nevaeh's. With Nevaeh getting so common, I predict Nev will become more and more common as a nickname.
I may go by a more "normal" nickname such as Ada or Eva later in my career, since I do tend to have issues with people making fun of the name.
As an adult, I generally do like my name, and I wouldn't change it.
I do plan on naming my children more "traditional" names in attempt to save them from some of the mocking I have gone through, but then again, many names get made fun of, even common and traditional names.
Teddy today, 7:18 AM by cookielover
nah, this will only stay as a toy bear name, so if you are naming your child this, your child will be made fun of this name so don't
Willy today, 7:17 AM by cookielover
straight disgusting
Marcos today, 7:16 AM by cookielover
This name is so old fashioned, gross
Zack today, 7:15 AM by cookielover
god, please remove this name it's a zeus name eww
Devin today, 7:15 AM by cookielover
i only use it oon a girl so cry about it!
Kareem today, 7:14 AM by cookielover
this name puts me to sleep
Zealand today, 5:33 AM by macyrubysmith
Zealand Cole LaBrant is the son of Savannah & Cole LaBrant. His siblings are Everleigh Rose, Posie Rayne & Sunday Savannah
Agada today, 4:16 AM by Anonymous User
A little note over here is that the word "Agada" as a legend is mainly used as slang. It is the Hebrew word for Legend but it's used as slang most of the time. So I would not rely on this translation.
Logan today, 2:20 AM by guasguendi
Dominica today, 2:16 AM by guasguendi
Sebastian today, 2:12 AM by guasguendi
Also Estonian:
Karen 1 yesterday, 11:58 PM by Anonymous User
People who say that this comment section "lives up to the stereotype" -- no one is being mean to others, except you who are making fun of them because of their name. People are just having genuine emotions (which they've had nowhere else to express online) and you are belittling them and acting like those emotions don't deserve to exist and should just be stifled. Which is sad, because it's like someone has a name and people take their mental health less seriously. Scroll down and there are people who actually committed suicide because of the bullying. I'm not saying people with this name makes them oppressed, but from what I've seen it does lend to bullying. Have some empathy.
Mohamed yesterday, 11:46 PM by cookielover
Disrespectable name
Khalid yesterday, 10:30 PM by cookielover
Old grandpa name
Uriel yesterday, 10:24 PM by cookielover
One of the most despicable and most bratty name I've ever seen of my life, I hate this name, I have no idea why people like this name
Nahum yesterday, 6:03 PM by niko
In "The Colour Out of Space" by H.P. Lovecraft, the farmer who owns the land in which the meteorite containing "the color" lands is named Nahum Gardner.
Olivia yesterday, 5:55 PM by Luvbug86
Actress Olivia Newton-John R.I.P 1948 - 2022.
Elliot yesterday, 5:45 PM by Anonymous User
I’m a dude who’s always been a dude and my names Elliot, I don’t care what transsexual people do but I’m wondering why so many like this name. The combination of girls starting to be named Elliot and people who identify as non binary using it makes it feel like it’s just going to be another male name which becomes gender neutral and even female in the future. I don’t see this trend happening the other way around with female names becoming male, it annoys me because of that.
Sadie yesterday, 4:42 PM by That70sShowGeek
Sadie Hawkins is a character in the Li’l Abner comic strip by Al Capp. The famous dance is named for her.
Min-seok yesterday, 3:18 PM by MSW
Kim Minseok (often known by his stage name, Xiumin) is a South Korean singer, actor, and member of the boy group EXO.
Rutt yesterday, 2:36 PM by nameshopper246
This might be the lowest-rated name on BTN. Please, 0%? I actually like this name, and I think it's pretty!
András yesterday, 1:31 PM by cookielover
nah, petty name, highly recommend you not to name this
Linden yesterday, 1:23 PM by ciara23
I love the sweet and strong sound of Linden. I think it’s more boyish, but I like it on a girl. Sounds pretty nice. I can see this name becoming very trendy.
Stella 1 yesterday, 12:49 PM by guasguendi
Alejandra yesterday, 12:41 PM by Anonymous User
I am Hispanic and in response to a comment below, please feel free to use the name Alejandra even if you are not hispanic. Kindest regards!
Tomi yesterday, 12:41 PM by guasguendi
Also used in Slovene as a diminutive of both Tomaž and Tomislav:
Margarita yesterday, 12:33 PM by Anonymous User
In Spain the name day for the lovely Margarita is November 16th.
Vicky yesterday, 12:27 PM by guasguendi
Jacqueline yesterday, 12:25 PM by Anonymous User
I LOVE this name!
Ralph yesterday, 12:20 PM by guasguendi
Aubrey yesterday, 12:20 PM by AlessandraMFrancesca
I am not familiar with this name. I love Audrey though!
Yasmine yesterday, 12:17 PM by guasguendi
Also Italian (Modern):
Shabnam yesterday, 12:07 PM by huyunadshabnam
There is a famous fanon character called Shabnam, and she's also a sporty customer in the pal version of Style Savvy Trendsetters, New Style Boutique.
Abigaëlle yesterday, 12:03 PM by AlessandraMFrancesca
This is neat! I have not heard of this version before.
Audrey yesterday, 11:50 AM by Anonymous User
“It calms me down right away, the quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there, not with those kind men in their nice suits, and that lovely smell of silver and alligator wallets. If I could find a real-life place that made me feel like Tiffany’s, then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name.” ~ Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's