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Katie today, 10:58 AM by Janessa2542
Katie Leducky! #Olympics
Eleanor today, 10:57 AM by Janessa2542
Tawnie today, 10:50 AM by Janessa2542
I actually have heard this before once. It's kind of funny in a way.
Cassandra today, 10:46 AM by Janessa2542
Love the nickname Cass or Cassie!!
Jacinda today, 10:07 AM by M.Selenika
Jacinda Vidrio is one of the Cinderellas in the series "Once upon a time". She's in love with Henry Mills, the main character. They have a daughter named Lucy.
Reign today, 9:30 AM by ciara23
Pretty much THE ultimate celeb baby name. I actually don’t think it’s that bad. I also think it’s unisex. It’s very powerful.
Sin today, 7:18 AM by Anonymous User
I think this name is kinda badass ngl.
Victoria today, 6:53 AM by Anonymous User
I love the name, however there isn't a single nickname that is appealing to me.
Chloe today, 5:18 AM by Chloe2
Everyone should be named Chloe… periodt
Kay 1 today, 12:17 AM by Kallanit
Actress Kay Kendall (1927-1959)
Olga yesterday, 11:08 PM by Anonymous User
I hate it, What a disgusting name
Ronald yesterday, 11:02 PM by Anonymous User
What a horrible name, It’s just bad
Tammy yesterday, 7:34 PM by 908908
Not a bad name actually but it seems and I'm not stereotyping but all the ones iv ever knew about which was about 8-10,,were very permiscious people. Even when they were in a relationship or married seemed like they just couldn't keep their hands out of the cookie jar,,every woman with this name had this trait.... now lets hear from other people to see if this was so with others with this name,
Brandy yesterday, 4:22 PM by Clara Bee
I don't like Brandy on it's own but I like it as a nickname for Brittany
Bianca yesterday, 3:52 PM by Anonymous User
Sounds like the name of a mean girl in my opinion
Pascal yesterday, 3:51 PM by Anonymous User
Name of the day 7/25/2021
Pascal yesterday, 3:50 PM by Anonymous User
Pascal is Rapunzel's pet chameleon in the movie Tangled
Isabela yesterday, 3:10 PM by Janessa2542
Isabela is pronounced just like Isabella.
Trina yesterday, 3:07 PM by Janessa2542
I don't like this name also.
Tatiana yesterday, 3:05 PM by Janessa2542
I've only heard this name once and she goes by Tati. This name sounds very rare.
Eleanor yesterday, 2:36 PM by Anonymous User
Realized while watching the Good Place that some people pronounce it Ella-nurr. I always thought it was just Ella-nore.
Lisha yesterday, 2:19 PM by Anonymous User
I know a girl named Lisha who comes from an Arabic speaking family so I am wondering if this has a meaning in Arabic.

She pronounces it LEE-sha.
Gita 1 yesterday, 12:55 PM by glacier_bear_82
With 2 867 531 bearers, Gita is the 10th most common feminine given name in India (2014 Data). With 160 519 bearers, Gita is the 15th most common feminine given name in Nepal (2014 Data).

Dillon yesterday, 12:41 PM by Anonymous User
Don't like it and don't even get me started on Dylan
Chiara yesterday, 12:08 PM by Janessa2542
I actually think it looks like it would be pronounced Shee-air-eh.
Aberash yesterday, 9:16 AM by jacinthe
lovely meaning, i'm going to use it as a surname for a character in my book -- an african princess named adeola. (adeola aberash)
Enzo yesterday, 8:50 AM by Inxpect
I think this name is cool.
Pervin yesterday, 8:25 AM by Anonymous User
It's a decent name, but not one I would recommend in an English speaking country because of the similarities to "pervert", "perv" and "perving".
Diamond yesterday, 8:14 AM by Anonymous User
People who live in trailers or low income neighborhoods love to give their kids names of things they can't afford like Diamond and Mercedes. It sounds like a stripper name or a drag queen.
Isabella yesterday, 7:57 AM by Anonymous User
I think Isabella is a sweet sounding name that has a certain charm to it whenever I see it written or hear it, if at all. However, some comments suggest that it is currently overused. As far as my experience and analysis of data is concerned, nothing could be further from the truth. According to the Social Security data on Isabella, it starts as follows:

"For 2020, the number of births with name Isabella is 12066, which represents 0.689 percent of total female births in 2020."
"The year when the name Isabella was most popular is 2010. In that year, the number of births is 22924, which represents 1.170 percent of total female births in 2010."

Which means that of this year in 2021 it is far from being overused as others have alleged. Parents of today are less than likely to select the top baby names and from that account I would say that it is safer now to pick a name like Isabella than it would have been for parents choosing a name like Mary back in the year 1922 which accounted for 5.785% of baby girls born that year! Quite a contrast! :)
Aoibhín yesterday, 6:26 AM by Anonymous User
@Sweetie lu freebush

No, it's not pronounced A-veen. It's pronounced EEV-een.

Aoibh always sounds like EEV in Irish.
Alexis yesterday, 6:16 AM by Mab1996
I honestly think that this name should ONLY be a boy’s name, as it is in Hispanic, French, Greek, Russian, and Finnish cultures. Plus, it just sounds very harsh and masculine to me.
Ceridwen yesterday, 5:44 AM by Ceri12
This is my name and I love it. Yes, people mispronounce it all the time and I can never find key rings or coffee mugs with my name on them but I wouldn’t change it ever.
Asherah yesterday, 4:41 AM by RyanD
Pronounced /əˈʃɪərə/
Lucina yesterday, 1:53 AM by RyanD
In Italian it’s pronounced /lu.ˈt͡ʃiː.na/.
Lucina yesterday, 1:51 AM by RyanD
Also used in Italian:
Alexis 7/24/2021, 11:54 PM by thehopper124
I actually like this name for both boys and girls.
Anabel 7/24/2021, 10:51 PM by Anonymous User
I think this name is very beautiful and has a lovely sound to it that I definitely will consider adding to my list of names. Pretty and timeless. :)
Courtney 7/24/2021, 10:21 PM by dominiqueadams
i love this name for agirl
Aviana 7/24/2021, 9:14 PM by LV51sfan91
This name was used before Ava went haywire so the comparison needs to stop. It’s an elaborated version of Avi which is a males name sometimes given to females too. Adding Anna makes it a feminine version of Avi not Ava. Avianna doesn’t even sound like Ava. Avi is a Hebrew name, a form of Abraham. Abraham means “many, a multitude, my Father and Father of multitudes.” Anna also Hebrew means grace and favor. What a nice meaning “Father of multitudes, grace and favor.”
Mor 7/24/2021, 6:33 PM by Iconoblast
A notable bearer of this name is Dr. Mor Shapiro, the Morrocan-Jewish wife of Ben Shapiro.
Alexander 7/24/2021, 6:31 PM by Elliedabear
Terrible! Way too old-fashioned.
Salma 7/24/2021, 4:52 PM by glacier_bear_82
With 597 532 bearers, Salma is the 10th most common feminine given name in Bangladesh (2014 Data).

Bartholomew 7/24/2021, 4:51 PM by Anonymous User
hahahah i cant belive some people actually like this name..
Owen 1 7/24/2021, 4:10 PM by Anonymous User
@ Anonymous User 6/22/2021
Yes I know �
Elodie 7/24/2021, 3:51 PM by Pink1234
I absolutely adore this name! I love the way sounds! I love the spelling! Imagine it with a one syllable middle name like joy or grace! Love Love Love! It’s cute on little baby yet professional on an adult! And it has so many nicknames like Ellie,Elle,Ella,Lodie,dee-dee. It’s stunning and super cute!
Sophie 7/24/2021, 2:06 PM by Anonymous User
Artie 7/24/2021, 1:02 PM by Anonymous User
Artie Abrams is a character in Glee. He plays the guitar.
Elvis 7/24/2021, 12:55 PM by Anonymous User
I think Elvis is a nice and handsome name even if it’s associated with the singer.
Niki 2 7/24/2021, 12:30 PM by NiLou
My name is Nicole and this is my nickname. My friends and family have called me Niki since I was little and I think it’s a very endearing nickname. I prefer this spelling over Nicky/Nicki/Niky as it coincides with the Greek word for ‘victory’