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Regina today, 7:16 AM by Israella
In Jewish communities and the historical Judeo-Anglo-Norman community, Regina was used as a vernacular form of Malka
Adalia today, 6:49 AM by fitz_vacker
Adalia is the best name ever to be uttered out of a human's mouth. Adalia is the rising sky, with the flowers of life sprouting from the soil she walks on; her spirit forever lives in the souls of those enlightened. Adalia reaches for the heavens and the moon; her genius and beauty thread strings of life into our planet, bringing the out in and the in out. Adalia can. Adalia will. Adalia is.
Molly today, 6:44 AM by Anonymous User
a very ginger girl who will drink all ur water
Holden today, 6:42 AM by Anonymous User
Holden is the sun and the moon, Holden is the reason the day breaks and the wonderful ball of fire in the sky rises, Holden, is the ocean, the trees, the rocks the grass the bird flying in the sky, singing sweetly and heavenly. Holden is heaven, holden is unstoppable, holden is the most powerful and gorgeous, richest, most godlike being to ever exist. Holden is the mid-latitude cyclones, the stars and the earth, and Holdens step rocks the earth as Holden moves. Holden will. Holden Can. Holden is.
Livio today, 4:15 AM by ballss23
Eponine today, 4:13 AM by Ceri12
It’s a lovely name and I am a huge fan of Les Mis. I would not; however, give the name to a child. It’s too associated with the book/musical.
Koujaku today, 2:54 AM by qeux
we love koujaku
Maximiliano today, 1:25 AM by Anonymous User
I would never call this name “stupid” or “HillBillish”, which it is not. Putting that aside, I cannot say in good faith that this name is to my taste nor liking. Therefore in closing my comment, if you like this name fine, if not, that is also fine.
Cosetta today, 12:01 AM by dulcenames
Of Italian origin
Cosetta yesterday, 11:59 PM by dulcenames
Means “little thing”
Aki 2 yesterday, 8:10 PM by Anonymous User
chat i love aki hayakawa!!! i love him so much i’m stealing his name for an oc of mine that may or may not be related to snow :3
Roxette yesterday, 7:21 PM by Lumi
Roxette Murdoch is a New Zealand rugby league footballer who plays as a prop for the St George Illawarra Dragons in the NRL Women's Premiership.A Māori All Stars representative, she previously played for St Helens and the Warrington Wolves in the RFL Women's Super League.
Soraya yesterday, 5:24 PM by takisfuego
My name is Soraya, and one meaning of my name I've also heard is "star cluster". Just thought I'd share that :)
Clytia yesterday, 4:44 PM by CherylTunt
Pronounced "CLIE-sha"
Dee yesterday, 3:35 PM by honestopinion
I HATE HATE HATE THIS NAME, UGH! The picture that comes into my mind is a nerdy woman with teeth sticking out of her mouth. It is even worse for a boy. Reminds me of a feminine guy who probably wants to be a girl.
Jean 2 yesterday, 3:23 PM by Anonymous User
Jean is my name! I'm named after my grandmother, but it's also my mom's middle name.
Florine yesterday, 3:21 PM by Anonymous User
Florine was my grandmother's name, and she went by Flo. She didn't really like her name though.
Uinseann yesterday, 2:21 PM by Jenkowelten
Pronounced as /ˈɪn̠ʲ.ʃən̪ˠ/
Erin yesterday, 1:26 PM by thinkingaboutit
I really dig this name, sounds like the name an heroine. Really sexy, feminine and powerful!
Miryam yesterday, 1:24 PM by NamesAreTreasures
Gorgeous name. I love the unique spelling. It gives a beautiful vintage name a charming modern twist.
Aitor yesterday, 1:22 PM by Anonymous User
supremely dislike it, it's a name for uglies only
Mack 2 yesterday, 12:17 PM by Anonymous User
Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin named their third son Mack.
Sequoia yesterday, 11:53 AM by Anonymous User
The name sounds very beautiful and comes off strong, but would be hard for some people to spell I think.
Jamie yesterday, 11:50 AM by Anonymous User
I think Jamie is a good name. I don't think there is anything about this that is specifically masculine or feminine. Jamie is a common name for girls, derived from James which is traditionally more masculine. I think it's one of the better unisex names and that people shouldn't judge. Jamie can be cutesy for some, no matter the gender. And why does it matter if a boy is called this. It's his choice, and it doesn't say anything about him. People named Jamie can be totally awesome and cool, especially men. Yes Jamie can be a cute nickname, or birth name, but that doesn't mean that it's any less masculine or feminine. Also to keep on record, I mostly use it as masculine because of James (Jamie) Herondale from the shadowhunter chronicles by Cassandra clare
Carolyn yesterday, 11:07 AM by NamesAreTreasures
Carolyn Polhemus is a prosecutor in Scott Turow's 1987 novel, “Presumed Innocent” and its 1990 film adaptation of the same name.
Azariah yesterday, 10:17 AM by LeoBeyene
This name can also be a Feminine name, making this name Unisex - As seen on the chart. to the USA Social Security Administration 476 girls and 427 boys were named Azariah in 2022, ranking #619 for girls and #641 for boys
It's more often given to girls in the USA, with a total of 5937 girls and 4776 boys names Azariah according to the US Social Security Administration. the UK National Statistics, it was also recently given to 30 girls and 23 boys in 2021. CLAIMS the name to be UNISEX. The usage of the name can also be ENGLISH. is an update to the previous comment originally by LionB3 on April 11 and April 26 2020.
Gina yesterday, 10:12 AM by Anonymous User
Better than Regina that's for sure
Yuriy yesterday, 9:27 AM by eleanor.09
The wikipedia page for Yury claims that the belarusian pronounciation is [ˈju.rɨ] and the Ukrainian prnounciation is [ˈjur⁽ʲ⁾ij]
Kyler yesterday, 6:58 AM by Zeddd
I love KYLER much better than that Boring irrelevant name, TYLER the trailer. It's better than all of its variations (Keylor, Keyler, Kailer, Kailor, Kylor, etc)
Logan yesterday, 4:50 AM by Zeddd
That's my friend's name. It's an attractive name, sound very American to me, and is not religious. Loggie is a sweet nn
Arnold yesterday, 4:49 AM by BlankSlate27
The guy who wrote the opera Hansel and Gretel.
Aleksandar yesterday, 4:09 AM by Anonymous User
such a douchy name ew
Danielle yesterday, 4:06 AM by Anonymous User
Danielle Aykroyd is the real name of Canadian-AMerican singer Vera Sola. She was named after her father - Dan Aykroyd. -
Silvester 12/3/2023, 11:53 PM by sartre_sbinalla42
Absolutely love this name and every single of its variations! The way it sounds and looks (as beautiful as Sylvester), its meaning. Can't help but think of "silver" or even "silver star" though, so it rather associates with light-grey colour or a silver forest to me :"D
Roshni 12/3/2023, 10:24 PM by Anonymous User
The lead character of I Am Roshni, a dark family drama film about child abuse, has this name.
Summer 12/3/2023, 10:21 PM by LeandraNolan
This is my daughter's name. Everyone thinks I named her after a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. Its not true but I let people think that. They are my favorite band at the moment
Leandra 12/3/2023, 10:13 PM by LeandraNolan
My name is Leandra. I know no one with that name. My name shortened is Lee. I am female. My mom wanted to name me Ann. My grandma wanted to name me Leann but my mom hated it. they agreed on Leandra. I was born in 1996. My mom has only met 1 other person with the same name and she was a black woman.
Cherian 12/3/2023, 7:33 PM by kw333
Strong, valiant. A warriors name.
Bindu 12/3/2023, 7:31 PM by kw333
My Pastors wife's name. Someone fun and full of life, serious at times. She exudes softness and warmth.
Io 12/3/2023, 7:26 PM by NameBuff
Automeris io, the Io moth (or peacock moth), is a beautiful North American moth. Aglais io (the European peacock), is a colourful butterfly found in Europe and temperate Asia. Previously classified as Inachis io, and formerly classified as the only member of the genus Inachis, Aglais Io is now generally accepted as the scientific name (of the peacock butterfly), but the terms are synonymous. The name derives from Greek mythology, meaning Io, the daughter of Inachus. Within the twists and various endings to this tale, in one of which the large eyes of the cow, Io, became the eyes in the peacock's tail feathers.
Io 12/3/2023, 7:02 PM by NameBuff
85 Io is a main belt asteroid discovered by C.H.F. Peters on September 19, 1865, also named for Io of Greek mythology. With a two-digit number and a two-letter name, 85 Io has the shortest designation of all minor planets.
Io 12/3/2023, 6:43 PM by NameBuff
There are several interpretations as to who was responsible for Io having been transformed into a cow prior to eventually regaining human form. The three versions link the transformation the result of Zeus, another Hera, and another, it being Io who turns herself into a cow to hide, as given she's the moon, the moon transforms. It is said that the transformation is symbolic of the fact that cows were very important symbols in many of ancient religions (and are still sacred to Hindus today). Many ancient societies were completely dependent on cattle and started thinking of bovines as completely divine. More specifically, cows were often the symbols and sacred animals of mother goddesses like Hera. So, as one version goes, Zeus turns Io into a heifer to try to appease Hera with an animal that's sacred to and symbolic of her. It also makes sense on a larger symbolic level since Io was a bit of a mother goddess herself, who, according to some, was associated with the Egyptian goddess, Isis.In many human cultures, cows symbolize fertility, generosity, motherhood, the origins of life, and are related to serenity. 
Joseph 12/3/2023, 5:13 PM by Zeddd
Regardless of the fact that this name is religious and the story is fictional and historically disregarded, it must be admitted that the religious book introduces Yusuf (Joseph) as a character who can be a good moral model for many of us in modern time. He goes through the stages of success one after the other and after being oppressed, he abandons the vengeful character that every human has by nature, forgives the culprits and wrongdoers and oppressors. Although a fictional character, he has morals, philanthropic and appropriate behavior, knowledge and understanding, beyond his contemporaries. Perhaps the most interesting prophet introduced by the 3 Abrahamic religions (personal opinion). I also think the name sounds alright. If you're a religious believer in the Abrahamic world of religions and want a religious name on you kid, it's one of the best names you might need
Cash 12/3/2023, 4:56 PM by Luvbug86
Hippie name.
Elodie 12/3/2023, 4:54 PM by Luvbug86
Sounds kind of goofy to me.
Roxana 12/3/2023, 4:44 PM by Zeddd
Incredibly Sweet and beautiful name with a glorious historical background. A considerable girly name.
Kailey 12/3/2023, 4:44 PM by Anonymous User
Damn why do people hate the name Kailey so much I think it's a cool name and this spelling is so much better than other spellings of the name Kailey If you ask me it's much better than boring old Hailey
Caden 12/3/2023, 4:42 PM by Zeddd
All of the 4 Variations (Kade-Kaden-Cade-Caden) sound decent to me. A good name right there
Micah 12/3/2023, 4:39 PM by Luvbug86
I noticed a lot of huskies has this name.
Maple 12/3/2023, 4:37 PM by Luvbug86
I surprisingly like this as a name, I wouldn't use it though.