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Comments for ANNEMARIE

Anne-Marie is a singer/ songwriter.
viva8  12/31/2018

Comments for BRENTON

Brenton Tarrant is an Australian man, charged with mass murder after he killed 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Definitely not the person you want to name your child after.
viva8  3/20/2019

Comments for CLANCY

'Clancy of the Overflow' is a poem written by the Australian poet Banjo Paterson.
viva8  4/6/2019

Comments for CULHWCH

The meaning is kinda weird but I love the pronunciation though!
viva8  12/1/2018

Comments for DANIELLA

I don't like or hate his name but I prefer Danielle, it suits both kids and adults.
viva8  12/13/2018

Comments for DEMETRIUS

Sounds like dementia.
viva8  6/22/2019

Comments for ELISE

Elise Ecklund is a YouTuber with 815k (ish) subscribers.
viva8  12/24/2018

Comments for EMILIA

It sounds like a wonderful combination of Emily and Amelia. I prefer it over plain old Emily.
viva8  12/22/2018

Comments for GWENLLIAN

Two Welsh princess bore this name. Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd ( c. 1100-1136 ) and Gwenllian ferch LLywelyn ( June 1282 – 7th of June 1337 ).
viva8  10/5/2019

Comments for HARLEY

I like this name. On a boy.
viva8  4/7/2019

Comments for ISIS

Isis is lovely and sweet sounding. Too bad it can't be used because of those terrorists.
viva8  12/15/2018

Comments for JAMIE

Jamie Cripps is an Australian AFL player, he is number 15 for the West Coast Eagles.
viva8  7/16/2019

Comments for JANETTE

Janette Rallison is an American author.
viva8  12/31/2018

Comments for LEWELLA

LLewella is better.
viva8  4/7/2019

Comments for LLEWELLA

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure ll's in Welsh are pronounced as S, so Llewella is pronounced -Shu-el-lə-
viva8  4/7/2019

Comments for LUDMILLA

Ludmilla is a character in the book 'If on a Winter's Night a Traveller'.
viva8  7/16/2019

Comments for MARCELYN

Marceline is a beautiful name, please don't ruin it.
viva8  4/6/2019

Comments for MAX

I don't really like this name, makes me think of a dog or some other pet.
viva8  12/18/2018

Comments for PAULETTE

Pauline/ Paulina are much better.
viva8  4/6/2019

Comments for VIKTOR

Nah, Viktor sounds more regal.
viva8  10/18/2019

Comments for YNGVI

I find this name strange. There is something I like about it, although I would never use it. Seems feminine to me.
viva8  1/5/2019