Name Element RUM (1)

Type Word
Scripts רוּם(Ancient Hebrew)

Meaning & History

Hebrew word meaning "to exalt, to be high, to rise up".
Given Name DescendantsAbiram, Abram, Adoniram, Jehoram, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Joram(Biblical) Ieremias, Ioram(Biblical Greek) Adoniram, Aviram, Avram, Yehoram, Yirmiyahu, Yoram(Biblical Hebrew) Hieremias, Ioram(Biblical Latin) Abram, Jeremiah, Jeremy(English) Jarmo, Jeremias, Jorma(Finnish) Jérémie(French) Jeremias(German) Aviram, Avram, Yoram(Hebrew) Jeremias(Portuguese) Jeremías(Spanish) Avrum(Yiddish)
Same Spellingrum (2)

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