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Gender Masculine
Usage Finnish
Pronounced Pron. YAHR-mo
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Meaning & History

Finnish form of JEREMIAH.
VariantsJeremias, Jorma
DiminutivesJarkko, Jere
Other Languages & CulturesJeremiah, Jeremy(Biblical) Ieremias(Biblical Greek) Yirmiyahu(Biblical Hebrew) Hieremias(Biblical Latin) Jeremiah, Jem, Jemmy, Jere, Jeremy, Jerry(English) Jez, Jezza(English (British)) Jérémie, Jérémy(French) Jeremias(German) Geremia(Italian) Jeremi, Jeremiasz(Polish) Jeremias(Portuguese) Jeremías(Spanish)
User SubmissionJarmo
Finland: June 26
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