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Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame;
Each to [their] passion; what’s in a name?
—Helen Hunt Jackson***Lifelong lover of names, with a goal of appreciating more of them and ridding myself of knee-jerk generational/cultural distaste. I like finding reasons to like names! It helps me like people — and life.I love name elements, statistics, history, and speculation on demographic usage.A great proponent of parents giving names with personal meaning over what is currently popular — but then, I love many popular names too. :)Currently I particularly love Ancient Germanic, Spanish, Greek, and Tibetan names. I also get excited to see obscure French and Irish names and adore Marian names.***Potential kid combinations:
Ingrid Magdalena, Rosemary Tanaquil
Victor Ciaran, Rafael WolfgangAnd for a cat:
Adelheid, Araceli, Ayelet, Berengaria, Clove, Consuelo, Harriet, Hildegard, Myrrh, Noor, Prisca, Remedios, Sonam, Tabitha, Vashti, Yarrow

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