Gender Masculine
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. WAWLT

Meaning & History

Short form of Walter. A famous bearer was the American animator and filmmaker Walt Disney (1901-1966).

Related Names

VariantsWally, Wat
Other Languages & CulturesWaldhar, Walter, Walther(Ancient Germanic) Valter(Croatian) Walter(Danish) Wouter, Wolter, Wout(Dutch) Valter(Estonian) Valtteri(Finnish) Gauthier, Gautier, Gaultier(French) Wate, Watse(Frisian) Walter, Walther(German) Gualtiero, Valter, Walter(Italian) Walter(Norwegian) Walter(Polish) Guálter, Wálter(Portuguese) Válter(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Bhaltair, Bhàtair(Scottish Gaelic) Valter(Slovene) Gutierre, Gualterio, Wálter(Spanish) Valter, Walter(Swedish) Gwallter(Welsh)


People think this name is

classic   mature   wholesome   strong   simple   nerdy  


Entry updated November 20, 2020