Gender Masculine
Pronounced Pron. WAL-tehr(Spanish, European Portuguese) WAL-tekh(Brazilian Portuguese)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Spanish and Portuguese variant form of Walter, more common in South America than Europe. It is often written without the diacritic.

Related Names

VariantsGualterio, Gutierre(Spanish) Guálter(Portuguese) Válter(Portuguese (Brazilian))
Other Languages & CulturesWealdhere(Anglo-Saxon) Valter(Croatian) Walter(Danish) Wouter, Wolter, Wout(Dutch) Walter, Wally, Walt, Wat(English) Valter(Estonian) Valtteri(Finnish) Gauthier, Gautier, Gaultier(French) Watse(Frisian) Walther, Walter(German) Walter, Walther, Waltheri, Waldhar(Germanic) Gualtiero, Valter, Walter(Italian) Walter(Norwegian) Waldaharjaz(Old Germanic) Walter(Polish) Bhaltair, Bhàtair(Scottish Gaelic) Valter(Slovene) Valter, Walter(Swedish) Gwallter(Welsh)



Entry updated June 9, 2023