I love the pronunciation.
I can't help but find this name extremely cute. I don't think I'd name my son this, though, as it is a very old fashioned name.
Pronounced AAH-peh-lee.
For some reason the spelling makes me think of "a capella".
I won't use this one either. It seems like the child would be made fun of.
My guess, it's pronounced like A-P-le.
Finnish writer and novelist Simo Tapio Puupponen was better known by the pen name Aapeli. Aapeli was a journalist for the Pohjois-Savo and Savon Sanomat newspapers. In 1959 Aapeli got the Eino Leino prize and the State literature prize. His novels were turned into films and plays after his death in the 1970s. In 1977 his historical novels of the Aika hyvä ihmiseksi series were made into a feature film.
Nice variant on Abel, I really like this name.

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