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NameGood question.

My name is actually not Pippin. It sort of was, at one point, but I don't really answer to it anymore. I have a lot of old comments on this site, but most of them don't necessarily reflect what I think anymore. (Fortunately, none of them were about things that actually matter.) I used to judge names based on what they meant and how I could use them in stories. Now, I just base my opinions on whether or not they "sound cool".I love music - favorites include the Beatles, Legendary Pink Dots, and Pink Floyd. I also like psychedelic art, TVTropes, hats, oddball humor, and subcultures. Fascinations include absinthe, dark ideas, and Inspector Javert from Les Miserables. Fandoms include Doctor Who, Les Mis, and Disney. People I like include Salvador Dali, George Orwell, and Andy Warhol. I write; my works hover around the realm of literary fiction, science/speculative fiction, fantasy, and horror.I like surnames used as first names and giving characters made-up names.Cheers.

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