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Gender Masculine & Feminine
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. SAM
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Meaning & History

VariantsSammie, Sammy, Sammi
Other Languages & CulturesIsmail(Albanian) Esmail, Ismaeel, Isma'il, Ismail(Arabic) İsmayıl(Azerbaijani) Ishmael, Samson, Samuel(Biblical) Ismael, Samouel, Sampson(Biblical Greek) Shemu'el, Shimshon, Yishma'el(Biblical Hebrew) Ismahel, Samson, Samuhel(Biblical Latin) Samuil(Bulgarian) Samuel(Czech) Samuel(Danish) Samantha, Samuel(Dutch) Ismo, Samuel, Samuli, Sami, Samppa, Samu(Finnish) Ismaël, Samson, Samuel(French) Samuel(German) Shimshon, Shmuel(Hebrew) Sámuel, Samu(Hungarian) Ismail(Indonesian) Ismaele, Samanta, Samantha, Samuele, Sansone(Italian) Samuel(Jewish) Samanta(Latvian) Samoil(Macedonian) Ismail(Malay) Samuel(Norwegian) Esmail(Persian) Samanta, Samuel(Polish) Ismael, Samanta, Samuel(Portuguese) Samuil(Russian) Shamash(Semitic Mythology) Samuel(Slovak) Ismael, Samanta, Samuel, Samu(Spanish) Samuel(Swedish) İsmail(Turkish) Ismail(Uyghur) Sawyl(Welsh)
Surname DescendantSams(English)
Same SpellingSam (2), Sam (3)
User SubmissionsSâm, Sam

People think this name is

youthful   informal   common   wholesome   strong   simple   comedic  
Sweden: September 1


A Series of Unfortunate Events characters, A Song of Ice and Fire characters, American Horror Story characters, Book of Mormon figures, Caillou characters, Charles Dickens characters, Cheers characters, Desperate Housewives characters, diminutives, directors, Discworld characters, Disney characters, Downton Abbey characters, Ernest Hemingway characters, Frasier characters, Game of Thrones characters, Gone with the Wind characters, Gundam characters, House of Cards US characters, internet meme characters, Jane Austen characters, Jimmy Neutron characters, Kingdom Hearts characters, Looney Tunes characters, Lord of the Flies characters, Lorien Legacies characters, Marvel characters, Muppets, never out of the US top 1000, nicknames, Overwatch characters, Ozark characters, Philip K Dick characters, Poldark characters, Power Rangers characters, Queer as Folk US characters, Redwall characters, short forms, Star Wars actors, Stephen King characters, Stranger Things characters, Supernatural characters, The Loud House characters, Thomas and Friends characters, Total Drama characters, Totally Spies characters, True Blood characters, unisex, Will and Grace characters, William Faulkner characters
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