This is my sister's name I like it but for me it's a little basic and common. Beautiful and sweet name though.
I like even Abigail. It's so cute and girly in my opinion. :)
My name is Abby but I think this is a cute name! But people call me Ybba, which is Abby said backwards!
I changed my mind on this name, this isn't my actual name but it's my nickname. But still a cute name! And I like the backward spell of it, which is Ybba!
This name is cute!
My name is Abby and I have had a good experience with the name.It's easy:
I've traveled to 25 countries and people find it simple to pronounce and easy to remember. I am often one of kids' first words which is fun - even if I've barely met them.People seem to enjoy saying my name. If someone is calling a roster they usually smile when they say my name (before they even know me). I also get the feeling that people intentionally say my name more than other people's - it must have sounds that are fun to put together.It's youthful and playful:I am quite verbally quick, competitive and questioning of peoples' opinions and ideas. Most of my (now) good friends and colleagues said that I was intimidating when they first met me. Abby as a name takes a whole lot of the edge off and makes me sound more approachable in first impressions.Downsides:
Occasionally get called "Abigail" or "Abs" or "Dear Abby" which I dislike. I redirect them to "Ab" or my initials if they don't want to call me by my already easy-to-say name. It is an interesting screening of people. In general it is done by condescending, dismissive older white dudes. I was called "Ab the crab" by my parents as I am a real grump in the morning (fair play) but was never teased for my name by other children. Maybe I was an intimidating child? No idea.When I was a tween I longed for a name that sounded more mature.Sometimes misspelled on work emails to Abbie/Abbey. But... people can misspell just about any name and I don't think it's worth taking it personally.Overall:
Would not trade it in - I get the impression that it in general works to my advantage and has been a little plus in my world travels, friendships and career.
Childish because it's an anagram of baby.
My name is Abby. Just Abby. I've seen so many comments on how people named just Abby get annoyed by people assuming or always asking if their full name is Abigail. I swear everyone always asks me that and I'm like nope it's just Abby and they go wait, really? Like do you think I'm lying about my name?!?!?! My honest opinion about it is that I actually love my name. I can understand how it can seem like a kid-like name but then again I can see myself being an old lady with that name. I also love the nicknames my friends and family give me. Ones like crabby, slabby, abs,and for some reason abbalina lolol.
Abby Anderson is a country singer/songwriter from Texas.
Abby Lee Miller is the coach on the tv series dance moms. All of the girls hated her and were scared of her.
Abby Johnson is a pro life woman who used to be an abortionist but turned her life around! She is so amazing and a wonderful role model. You can learn a lot from her.
Cute name.
Abby Trott is an American Voice Actress, specialising in video games and animes. Some of her well known roles include Maya Fey in Ace Attorney and the vocalist of Lifelight from Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.
My name is Abby, not Abigail, for which I am glad. I agree with other Abbys who have posted here that it's quite annoying when people assume Abby has to just be a nickname for Abigail. I haven't known many other Abbys, except for an Abbey in my fourth grade class. My parents had a hard time agreeing on a name for me and didn't decide until after I was born. They both liked Abby and both disliked Abigail. They wanted to give me short first and middle names because my last name is quite long and commonly misspelled. I like my name and prefer the spelling of it over other variants. Nicknames like Flabby Abby aren't so great, but kids will find a way to make fun of any name. I prefer other nicknames I've been given by people, such as Abs, Abbylicious and Abbles. As another poster said, people do sometimes call me Amy. I've never understood why because the two names aren't that similar. It also kind of annoys me that so many people name their dogs Abby lol. But dogs are sweet, innocent fur babies, so I guess it's okay.
Can also be a diminutive of Aubrey.
My name is Abra but I go by Abby because to me it’s the ultimate cute girl name. It’s pretty and feminine but has a tiny edge to it and makes me feel confidently girl next door with a smidge of manic pixie dream girl and I really like it. I only go by Abra for work and other professional occasions or with strangers.
My name is Abby and I think it is very beautiful. The only time I hate it is when people go "OH! Is it a short form for Abigail? Is your full name Abigail?" Well no people, my full name is Abby, just Abby, not Abigail, Abby! This name is not really that common so I don't get mixed up with people, well, I'm not SUPPOSED to be mixed up at least.
Anagram for Abby is Baby. Lol.
I'm named Abby and I hate it. So my family and friends call me "Ab's". I like this A LOT better than Abby. My uncle even made up a song about the name.
Abby is the name of a Wii Sports opponent Mii.
I only know one Abigail, and she goes by Abby, but she pronounces it "Ab-ee".
This name is a great nickname, but for an actual name, not so much...
To me Abby is the best name and when people are rude and say ABIGAIL! ABIGAIL! I get so triggered.
This is my name, but because my parents like to be "unique", I'm stuck with a misspelling of it: Aby (my full name is Abygail, but I absolutely hate it). I'm surprised this spelling isn't more common, but I suppose people like to spell things correctly. Anyways, this name is a bit common and gives me the impression of a girl that has 10k followers on instagram with only like 11 posts, but it's my name and I'm stuck with it.
If you're a parent-to-be looking for a unique name, please don't just make up a new spelling of a popular name like my parents did, because it's very annoying to have to spell out your name every single time, since everyone assumes how it's spelled so you have to specify it, and anyone who reads it will automatically assume the child's parent is a special snowflake. Instead, either use the normal spelling, a relatively well-used variant of it, or an uncommon name altogether because at least your child will be asked how to spell it instead of assumptions being made.
Abby is very common, yes but it is elegant. I love the sound of the name. My BFF's name is Abby and I adore it!
Abby Wambach is an American retired soccer player, coach, two-time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women's World Cup champion. A six-time winner of the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year award, Wambach was a regular on the U.S. women's national soccer team from 2003 to 2015, earning her first cap in 2001. As a forward, she currently stands as the highest all-time goal scorer for the national team and holds the world record for international goals for both female and male soccer players with 184 goals. Wambach was awarded the 2012 FIFA World Player of the Year, becoming the first American woman to win the award in ten years. She was included on the 2015 Time 100 list as one of the most influential people in the world.
My name is Abigail (I go by Gail), and I personally hate the name Abby. In my opinion it is the weakest name in existence, and I'm a stubborn, strong-willed ADHD rebel. If you have the name Abby, I'm sorry.
Also used as a short form of Abolone, Abena, and Abene, along with Abigail.
I am also an Abby - not an Abigail. I have a twin brother named Alan, get it? Abby & Alan. I think I have a unique and uncommon name. There are not a whole lot of other Abby's I run into. The one thing I will say is that kids can be cruel and I have carried many nicknames in my life, some not so flattering. The list includes flabby, crabby, scabby, blabby, abscess, abdominal, abotomy and many more. Just beware if you plan to name your child Abby because there will be teasing from other kids. The name is too easy to play around with.
Abby/Abbie is a great nickname for Abigail.
Hi, my name is Abbagail but people call me Abby. I love my name and I love the fact, that only a certain amount of people in the would spell their name the way I do. It's very interesting.
I like this name, but wow, overused much? No offense to all the Abby's out there but jeez, say no more.
I have been called Abby ever since I was born, and yes, my real name is Abigail. But I don't like being called by such a long name, and when people don't know me, they do. But I like that my parents thought about what I would be called in the future, and they knew that when I got older I would want a more sophisticated name like Abigail. I like the name Abby, it has a nice ring to it, and the name isn't TOO popular or TOO uncommon. It's just in the middle. And I am very grateful for my name.
My full name is Abby... I used to really like it but now I think it sounds too childish. I would go by Abigail except since it's not my real name, nobody will call me that... :(
My name is Abby and I used to get called baby because thay have the same letters in and you just have to mix them around to make baby. When I had friends that understood how I felt they helped me to stop the people saying it to me. I think most people have these problems because the person who says it they are just jealous about something about you. But once you grow up, people get more mature and stop, and now I love my name.
My fist name is simply just Abby and my middle name is Danyelle. It's an alright name, but I prefer my middle name because people often spell it wrong. Also, it's really annoying getting asked if your full name is Abigail all the time and being asked if you're sure. Like I'm sure it's my name. It's also annoying being called that because they infer that was your full name. Anyways, I like my name all in all. Thank God my parents didn't name me Abigail- to me it sounds really snobby, ugly and old. I know most people think it's too youthful, but to me I think it fits me pretty well as a person. :)
It could be a possible nickname for the name Nayab.
This sounds really cute!
This is my cousin's name (It is her full name, not nickname) and I think that it's cute. Abby is the best spelling out of all of the variants.
Abby is cute but I would never name a child this. It seems more like a dog name. (But for a cute one) I would only use this as a middle name.
Abigail "Abby" Elliott (born 1987 in New York City) is an American actress and comedian.
As Abigail comes from Avigayil, Avi = my father and gayil = joy, one could say that Abby = my father. It doesn't make much sense, but there you go. This is my name. I was named after a sort of ancestor - Abbie, who was named after her Grandmother Abigail who was named after her grandmother Abagil. At 28 it is a little weird to know that Abigail is more popular now. I grew up with one other girl in my class, an Abbey.
I don't have any problems with my name. I do, however, frequently have people ask me if my full name is Abigail (it isn't) and I have people call me Amy a lot.Seriously, this one time at the dentist office the nurse looked RIGHT AT my name on the chart, then looked up, "Amy?" Although now that it's more popular it won't happen for younger Abbies. I've also been called: Anna, Ivy, Audrey... -__-
I like this name because my favorite tv character is wearing it. Abby from Primeval.
I spell it Abbeigh and people always know how to pronounce it, it's a cool different way of spelling it.
Also a nickname for Tabitha, or was, in 18th- and 19th-century America, according to:
Completely bored with the whole Abby, Abbie, Abbey, Abbi, Abey phenomenon.
It's a very cute nickname for Abigail, even if it's a bit on the youthful side. Reminds me of my favorite NCIS character.
This is my favorite form as a nickname for Abigail. I don't really like it as a full name.
In the way of famous bearers there's always "Dear Abby".
This name is okay as a nickname, but if you are planning on naming your daughter this, you should keep in mind that the name sounds rather youthful, to the point of being a tad infantile as a full name. It would be better to name her Abigail, even if you think it's too formal or old-fashioned. You can always call her Abby. She'll have good use for a more mature name when she is applying for jobs, etc.
This is my name and I like it a lot. I think that it is much nicer than Abigail, but everyone seems to think that it's my name. When I was little and I would meet someone new, the conversation would go something like: "Is Abby your real name?" "Yes." "Are you sure?" "Yes." "Is your real name Abigail?" "No." "Is Abigail the name on your birth certificate?" "No." "Are you sure?" "Yes." People could seriously not seem to grasp the concept. It was annoying. Whenever someone calls me Abigail now, I add "gail" to the end of their name. Like if their name is Stephanie and they call me Abigail, I call them "Stephanie-gail." It works well to solve my problem. I really hate it when my English/orchestra teacher spells my name wrong as "Abbey." My nicknames are Abs and Ab and only my closest friends and family call me that. It doesn't really bother me. Everyone tells me that they love my name and that it's their daughter's name/they almost named their daughter Abby. Everyone tells me that my name fits me. I overall like my name and have all my life. Except for the whole "Abigail" and spelling thing, I'd say that this is a good name that can be carried proudly. I encourage anyone who likes this name to use it.
I prefer it as an actual name. Abby. Not short for Abigail or anything.
Cute as a short form but I don't like it as an actual name.
Abby was a 1974 blaxploitation/horror film about a woman who is possessed by an African sex demon.
Abby Durfee Gray Borden was the name of the ill-fated (to put it mildly) stepmother of Lizzie Borden.
On NCIS Abby is the name of the goth forensic pathologist. Played by Pauley Perrette.
My name is Abby and it's short for Abigail. I've been going by Abby since I was six and now I almost forget that my real name is Abigail sometimes. Though no one currently calls me by my full name though, I like it better short for Abigail because it sounds more mature. Since I also spend a lot of time in Spanish speaking countries, I go a lot by Abi as well because it's easier for people to pronounce when reading it.
I love this name and am seriously considering using it for my baby, as two of my kids can pronounce it, and the third won't have to work hard to learn to say it. I've never met an Abby I didn't like.
Ok, I am writing this as an Abby. I don't know why my name has gotten so popular although I much prefer it to Abigail which is my real name. I love the "crabby, shabby, flabby Abby" nickname my dad has given me. It's great.
My name's Abby. It is not short for Abigail, although everyone always thinks it is. I'm glad you all like my name!
It means father's joy.
I would really love to name my daughter this in the future except I would use it as a nickname for Abigail, what do you think of Abigail Marie? After a family member.
I prefer this spelling of "Abby" to all the other spellings.
I love this name - it's so pretty, and has a nice ring to it. It would go well with Ally, too. Paige-Abby and Dawn-Ally.
I have a friend who's named Abigail And I think that it's pretty but I know an Abby who's actual name is Abby and she's rather mean and backstabbing.
I think Abby is such a cute name. Myself, I would name my child Abigail and use Abby as a nickname so when she grew up she could use Abigail if she wanted something more grown up or sophisticated.
Abby Dalton is an actress known for playing Julia Channing Cumson on "Falcon Crest."
Abby Lockhart is a character on the T.V. show "E.R." She is played by Maura Tierney.
I much prefer Abby to Abbie.
Abby Miller is a character in the movie "Elektra."
My cousin's name is Abby Bernice. So for her, Abby isn't short for Abigail, though I personally think Abigail Bernice has a nice ring to it.
I am the "anonymous user" from above. I now know two Abbys who aren't short for Abigail. A young couple at my church have a new baby. Her name is Abby Elizabeth. I think it's an adorable name!

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