As a Turkish person, this name sounds very upper class an elegant and I'd love to give this name to my future daughter someday. I think Ada would be a cute nickname, because Ada means island and it's easy to pronounce. I think it's a great name for all ages!
Moonchild05  5/1/2021
This is really nice!
ciara23  2/3/2021
Let me just clear up a few things about this name.

It is NOT pronounced ADD-a-let
With ADD as in names like Addison, Maddie, etc.

It IS pronounced a-DAA-let
“a” as in about
“DAA” as in Dark
And “let” as in lettuce

Meaning “justice” in Turkish and “court” in Urdu. Which is why it would be very absurd to use as a name in Pakistan because there are already running jokes about how the court makes terrible decisions.

Also note that in Turkish it is the literal word for justice. So yes, it is the equivalent of naming your child “Justice” in an English speaking country today. This is why I think it would be a bit weird to use it in Turkey as well. I have watched the currently famous “Ertugrul” series (sorry, don’t have a Turkish keyboard so can't do the accents), and the word is used ever so often...

The theme of justice is highly significant throughout the series. Literally, someone would ask “Why are you doing this? What is your purpose?” or something along the lines of that, and the people would chant “Adalet!” meaning justice!

I have also noticed that most Turkish names are word names or word combo names, excluding the ones derived from Arabic names (eg. Aysu “ay” meaning moon and “su” meaning water as well as many other names that are words), so it may not be too weird after all.

I am not Turkish, so if any of the information I have provided is incorrect, please correct me :)
TheLivingStone  1/18/2021
Love this...but how is it pronounced?
noisynora  12/7/2020
Underrated name :)
Anders1234  12/5/2020
This name is super underrated. I REALLY like that it means “justice,” too. Really solid name, I love it!
GemMaster12  10/10/2020
someone-  4/19/2020
Looks quite French-y even though it's actually Arabic. It's a pretty nice name.
wh0sbad  10/19/2019
Beautiful name. Justice is such a powerful meaning.
kayisforkeen  4/10/2019
Doesn't roll off the tongue very well; sounds rather clunky. I personally think it might work better as a masculine name, with linguistic properties of a Romance language instead.
RonZaro  4/7/2019

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