Adina Porter is an American actress who has had roles in several tv shows and movies, including True Blood, American Horror Story, and Outer Banks.
Adina Astra is a fairy tale hero in the game Night in the Woods. She is also the playable character in the supplemental game, Lost Constellation.
I believe the name Adina is fine on either gender. For a boy, it’s handsome and slightly masculine and for a girl, it’s beautiful and very feminine.
This is super gorgeous and I think it is pronounced A-Dee-na!
Also used in English speaking countries like the United States.
My name is Adina. It has been a long way until acceptance with this name, because I was exposed to much more nice sounding names such as Bianca, Ana, Luiza, etc. As I grew up, I realized how beautiful it truly is!
My mom told me she named me after her old friend, whom she said "was very smart, delicate, and sweet".
Beautiful on a girl, horrible on a boy.
I don't like that it means "delicate". Yeah, aka weak. Not a good name for a girl.
Male?! Who would name a boy Adina?
Adina is one the most beautiful and frilly names for a girl. It generally sounds feminine.
Not bad.
Hello, Adina is an ancient Persian name which is derived from Zoroastrianism. Adina was a person who was responsible to keep the fire alive in the temple. Also means beautiful.
Adina is a really beautiful name for a girl. It sounds really feminine and attractive for a girl in my opinion. I might use this as a middle name for a girl if she has a really manly first name. I don’t think Adina suits boys at all! It’s not even remotely masculine.
I don’t understand why this name is labeled unisex. The second form is labeled FEMININE so the first version that’s labeled MASCULINE & FEMININE was a typo. I’ve seen that with names on this website. I’ve seen Rohan labeled FEMININE, when the first version was labeled MASCULINE.

Well, Adina is absolutely a feminine name to me and I love it for a girl. I think it’s awful for a boy. It doesn’t sound masculine at all. Probably because it’s pronounced a-deena but not a-diena which is a little more masculine. I also think Constantine and Carmine sound feminine unless pronounced with a “ien” and not a “een”.
In 2018, 15 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Adina who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 119th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.

Adina is not a statistically significant name for males in the U.S., as of 2018.
Adina is a lovely name.
The name is SO popular in my community. I know only 15 Adina's. But, it's a beautiful name.
My name is Adina as well. I am from the US, but grew up travelling the world. I have always liked my name. My parents simply found it in a book of baby names. I can't imagine a boy named Adina. I get lots of comments on my name, always positive. The only drawback is I've never found a pencil, keychain, etc. With my name on it, lol.
My name is Adina, and I'm a Romanian girl. No connection with Hebrews, but I know its origins are biblical.
Adi is a boy's name over here, but it's usually a short form from Adrian, which is Latin (Adrianus or Hadrianus.)

African Meaning: She has saved

Somebody wrote that Adina was Ariel's sister, but her spelling was Attina.

It's also a song by punk band Rancid.

On a personal touch, I hated my name until I was 14 years old, because it was uncommon and people laughed at me for not having a usual, traditional name. Now I find it lovely, and strong because of the letter "D".
This name is masculine?! No...
Way feminine.
Adina is HORRIBLE for a boy but stunningly BEAUTIFUL for a girl! "Adi" could be a nickname! Seriously, if you like the sound of this name and plan on naming your son this, why not go for "Adi" or "Adin"?
Ah, I love this name as a boy's name! Adina! Makes me think of a tall, slender, extremely handsome young man, with delicate features, he is strong and passionate, a righteous revolutionary! I shall name my third son (Lord willing that I marry and have many children) Adina! As a girls name it's nice too, just not quite so shockingly beautifully handsome as on a boy!
This name has two spelling variants in Hebrew: one, masculine, from a proper name in the Hebrew Bible, and one, feminine, based on a Hebrew adjective (which also in found in the Hebrew Bible).

The masculine Adina is spelled in Hebrew as עדינא, and is the name of a soldier found in 1 Chronicles 11:42. The spelling (with the final aleph) suggests an Aramaic, rather than a Hebrew, origin.

The feminine name in Hebrew is spelled עדינה. This Adina means "noble," "delicate," or "refined." It is a modern Hebrew name, but the word itself can be found in Isaiah 47:8.

Today, the masculine Adina is unknown as a name, but the feminine Adina is a popular name, both in Israel and in Jewish communities worldwide. [noted -ed]
Adina is one of Ariel's sisters in Disney's The Little Mermaid.
I like this name very much. It's not too common which is good but it's fairly heard of. It has a nice ring to it.
Adina is the female love interest of Nemorino and the soldier Belcore in the opera The Elixir of Love.
I think this should be the name of a smart girl.
This is a very pretty modern (for girls) Hebrew name, and I think it deserves more attention.
It's not a terrible name, but after all these years, I still think of Adina Howard, the r'n'b singer from the 90s, when I hear this name, and I can hear the song Freak Like Me in my head: ''I wanna feak in the morning and freak in the evening. Coz I will be your freak all thru the day until the dawn.'' Oh well, I've forgotten the lyrics, but that's what comes to mind.
A famous bearer with the spelling variant Idina is Idina Menzel, a very talented broadway actress and singer.
Pronounced as "AD-yee-na" (short -ee-).
Adina is a 2006 film starring Neve Campbell and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.
I am surprised to see this listed as masculine, it sounds so feminine and I have only known girls with this name.
I'm not sure if the origin is correct, but in current Hebrew Adina is exclusively a feminine name. Also, the masculine form of the word Adina (meaning 'delicate') is "Adin", and it is not used as a name. While the feminine form of the word 'delicate' is pronounced "Adina" with stress on the last syllable, the name "Adina" is pronounced with stress on the second syllable. [noted -ed]
Adina is a beautiful elegant name for a girl, one she could easily grow up with.
Czech actress Adina Mandlová.
Adina is a very common woman name in Romania.
Adina - This name is also used in Romania, England, France, Germany, and Italy. Another origin would come from the name "ADAL" which in Old German meant "Noble". (I found this on a Romanian site... I am not sure about it.)
Aww, what a pretty (and feminine) name! I love it!

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