If you want to name your daughter this, you can call her the female name Aditi, which Aditya is based off of. I think Aditya is a handsome boy name, though I can only see it on someone of Indian descent.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2019
Aditya Dahal is known as the Google Boy of Nepal. He was born in Chabhail, Kathmandu. As of 2015 he is 4 years old. He has not taken any class in school but is said to be able to write in Nepali, English, Korean, Chinese and numerous other languages. He is also said to be able to predict the future. He can not speak and is said to give his answer by writing on paper. Initially, he is said to have shocked his parents by writing the names of all the countries in the world and the names of their leaders. He is also said to remember the name and occupation of everyone he meets, the meaning of every word asked to him and even the meaning of the words from different languages. Although many are shocked, creditable scientists are not amazed, many urge others to stay away from such beliefs.
lilolaf  6/24/2017
According to, the Adityas (plural) are a group of sun gods (the sons of Aditi and Kashyapa).

The website also gives this info: "[in Tamil Aditya] 1. The son of Aditi (i.e. the Sun). 2. The 40th and 563rd names of Lord Vishnu as listed in the Vishnu Sahasranama. In his commentary Sri Sankara states,'1) Aditya is the golden being residing in the orb of the sun. 2) It is also Vishnu among the twelve Adityas, as is said in the Bhagavad Gita X:21. 3) He is also the consort of the undivided Mother Earth, as is said in the Vedas. 4) It again refers to His dwarf incarnation from Aditi and Kashyapa. 5) Or it refers to an analogy of the one sun being reflected as many in several water-pots with the one Self being reflected as many in various bodies.' Also see the Bhagavad Gita V:16; VIII:9; XI: 12; XIII:33; XV:12."

On Wikipedia, it says that "In later Hinduism, Aditya is used in the singular to mean the sun."

And again, "In present day usage in Sanskrit, the term Aditya has been made singular in contrast to Vedic 'Adityas', and is being used synonymously with 'Surya', the Sun."

If you look elsewhere on Indian baby name sites, Aditya is usually given to mean "the sun". So that does seem to be how it is used today. 'Adi' is used as the short form/nickname.
la-petite-rachel  1/10/2014
Popular culture:

In the 2007 Hindi-language romantic comedy Bollywood film "Jab We Met", the male protagonist is named Aditya Kashyap, and was played by Indian actor Shahid Kapoor.

(It's a wonderful movie, if you haven't seen it.)
la-petite-rachel  1/10/2014
It's a male name and it can be pronounced ah-DIT-ya or ah-DIT-ee-a.
― Anonymous User  6/6/2013
I like this but it seems like a female name to me. How is it pronounced?
Joy12  4/20/2011
I knew an Indian guy with this name. And no, it wouldn't work for a girl in English. Enjoy giving your kid a complex, foreign name of the opposite gender to be 'unique'.
Aureliano  3/2/2010
I find this name super adorable. A favorite of mine.
nadiaxox  1/29/2008
Beautiful, feminine, and ends in a classic "A". What more could a person want?
lunalovegood  7/7/2007
It's male.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2007
I know it's male. I'm sort of bad with sarcastic jokes. :)

I think it would definitely work for a girl, but not for a boy outside an Indian community. There are just too many opportunities for embarrassment.
lunalovegood  2/27/2008

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