Used to think of this as a fancy name, but then I met a really athletic girl with it and have changed my mind. It sounds like someone who is talented and determined.
adelepenguin  4/8/2021
Love this name!
MythicalCreature  3/29/2021
Adrianna is my name and whoever is talking bad about it, if I see or somehow find you, it's on sight. My name might be from a stripper on an Italian TV show but I love it and I don't care if you get all pissy because it has two n's in the name. It's not your name so calm down. And yes I am a Scorpio. (this is a joke I won't actually go after anyone and I am a Scorpio but I was doing that ironic thing where I blame my actions on my zodiac sign but that is my actual name and I am very offended (: )
awesomesauce11  12/3/2020
Looks snobby.
noisynora  11/18/2020
This name is TOO PRETTY! It has three A's and it looks AND sounds pretty as a feminine form of Adrian with the 'anna' ending. I like this name as much as Adrien.
Teddy01  10/17/2020
This is nice, but I'm confused on how to pronounce the anna part. Ah-na or AN-na? Someone please tell me. Either way, it's a nice name.
Anders1234  5/5/2020
The two ends make it look repetitive and extra lengthy. Adriana is much more naturalized.
nylonpanda  11/9/2019
Adrianna in my opinion looks way better than Adriana.
Bubbles293739  10/30/2019
My name is Adrianna Star. My mother wanted to name me Autumn Sunflower but my father said no. I don't really like my name but I deal with it. My friends call me Mangle or Nightmare.
CulbertsonAdS  3/28/2019
This is my name. Friends and family call me Adri. But I love the name, and I get a lot of compliments on it. I like that it’s not common at all. The only thing is that people have a difficult time pronouncing the “anna” part properly - I pronounce it like the last part of “banana”, not like “ah-na.”.
Adri.marie  3/15/2019
This is my name and my little nickname from my friends is Adri and I love it- I was named after my dad.
― Anonymous User  2/21/2019
kayisforkeen  1/20/2019
I think Adrianna is a pretty name and I think it does look better with two N's, but the name is too long. I really don't like long names.
Luvbug86  3/19/2018
Adrianna is a beautiful name. I really love the 'adri' part of it.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2016
Adrianna-it's a place name "from Adria" but sounds babyish ending with "ana". I prefer names without Ana. Lilliana. I think they are pretty as themselves ex. Lilly/Lily and Adria.

Yes it will age well, but Adria and Adrienne would age better.
LV51sfan91  4/5/2015
I prefer this name with the extra "n"! It looks more feminine and softer. I love this name.
Alexanna  6/12/2014
I like this name. I chose to name a character Adrianna and called her Anna for short, hence the two n's. Two N's in the name gives a sense of femininity that just one doesn't give. That's just my opinion though. Granted Adrian is a male name but like Brianna it works well in it's feminine form. I think it's pretty pronounced with a short A sound in the middle. Adri(ah)n(ah), the first A being the only long sound.
Vani Joy  7/27/2012
I may be the only one but I prefer the extra n. With only one it seems incomplete. Adrianna is the name my fiance and I have chosen for our first daughter. Adrianna is the Polish name for the March 5 name day, the day of our first kiss. Adrienne is also an important name in his family and we wanted something a little different. Adrianna is perfect for us! I can't wait to meet her! Fiance says her nickname could be Nana... :S
haileyrose  10/3/2011
My daughter, Adrianna Rose Antoinette, is now two years old. Her name has been very well received. No one has tried to give her a nickname from it, which I really like. She calls herself A-na-na.
I'm glad I went with the two N version.

I have had this conversation about 6 times.
"Oh, she's so cute! What's her name?"
"Thank you! Adrianna."
"That was my grandmother's name!"

I love that! Shows what a beautiful & classic name it really is!
haileyrose  9/1/2014
Adrianna Tate-Duncan (portrayed by Jessica Lowndes) is a regular character on the popular American teen drama "90210". Her nickname has commonly been "Ade", the pronunciation is "ADE-REE-ANNA". (2008-)

Adrianna Tomaz is the superheroine "Isis" and a representative/avatar of the Egyptian deity in DC Comics. She first appeared in the series, "52", in 2006.
commonlyuncommon  3/13/2011
Famous bearers:
Adrianna Czado
Adrianna Miara, a Polish actress
Adrianna Papell
Adrianna Christofi
Adrianna Williams
― Anonymous User  12/12/2010
I don't like this spelling much. Adriana would be okay, but the extra 'n' makes it look strange.
― Anonymous User  4/11/2010
Horrid spelling. I hate names that ORIGINALLY end with -ana then people just add another 'N' for fun!
Alora  1/30/2010
This is my name and I love it! My family usually calls me Anna for short as a nickname. I am named after my Dad.
kool_babe14  5/15/2009
There isn't much one can critize about this name, as it is very beautiful, you could call your daughter Addie or Addi for short!
Patricia Underwood  2/1/2008
Adrianna Lamalle is a French hurdler.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2007
Adrianna Bertola plays Gretl in the musical 'The Sound Of Music'. She is eight years old and already performing on the West End.
little_sootball  7/6/2007
I believe spelling this name with only one N instead of two makes this name flow better.
Taydbug112  4/19/2007

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