Beautiful name.
Use Adrienne for a girl instead of Adrian!
I really like this name I feel like it looks more feminine than Adrian which would help with gender mix-ups. My favorite middle name with it is Adrienne Brielle.
It is pretty... however, I prefer the spelling Adrian for a girl.
It was my name. This name made my childhood and early adulthood a living hell. I legally changed it behind their backs as an adult to a normal, simpler name. It's a stripper or porn name and it's weird. I got into so many fights over Rocky references and then with my mother who thought I should continue to correct people on how to spell it. Daily. Don't curse your daughter, I beg you. And never use ADRIE if you do. That's a dog name.
I think Adrienne is a very nice and original name. You don't hear it often and it seems like a princess. I really like it.
I’ve heard that it means "dark lady from the sea”...
Awesome meaning.
I have noticed that Americans tend to pronounce it very similar to Adrian as with Adrienne Bailon. In England we either pronounce it Ad (as in ADvent) ree (as in REsolve) enne Or Age ree enne.
Adrienne is graceful & chic.

I prefer it pronounced either Ad (as in ADvent) ree (as in REsolve) enne Or Age ree enne.

Cool chick name.
Cool, ballsy name.
The PROOF of the name being ENGLISH can also be SEEN in THIS Wikipedia page.

This includes bearers that are ACTUALLY born in the USA and other ENGLISH-speaking countries.
The only name with the "-enne" ending I like.
I also like Adrianna.
I used to know a girl with this name in school! I adore this name so much and will love to name my future daughter Adrienne! In fact when I was in school my friends gave me the nickname Adrienne because I adore and love the name so much :)!
Also of ENGLISH usage albeit more popular in AMERICA. [noted -ed]

Pronounced /ˌeɪ.dɹi.ˈæn/, /ˈeɪ.dɹi.ən/
It looks pretty, but it sounds a bit similar to Adrien. I prefer Adriana.
I read a book where the name was spelled like this but pronounced like ADD REE ANN instead of A DREE ANN. What are your thoughts? Anyone ever heard it pronounced that way and if you like it better that way? Also, if one likes that pronunciation would you spell it this way or change it?
Adrienne is a pretty name. It goes well with these as middle names: Violet, Elizabeth Rose, Philippa, Julia, Karin, Tricia etc. I would probably name a future daughter Adrienne.
Princess Adrienne Josephine Alice is the daughter of HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her husband Christopher O'Neill, born March 9 2018.
I would pronounce Adrian AYY-dree-in and Adrienne Ay-Dree-Enne. I do love Adrienne, hate Adriana. I kind of prefer Adria, like Julia and Julian.
The name Adrienne was given to 340 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Adrienne are female.
This is my name! I love it because it's so rare that I find someone with that name and it's not well known for anything so no one really has any bad association with the name. Also I think this spelling is very pretty and I would recommend it as a girls name.
A famous bearer is the actress Adrienne Hill who played Katarina in Doctor Who.
This name is nice, compared to that over used Adriana. I don't think it sounds bad on girls at all or masculine, it is very feminine and pretty.
My name is Adrienne pronounced with an A rather than Ad, shortened to Adi by a chosen few. My little sisters called me AA as they couldn't pronounce it (it is a big name for a little mouth) - I hate being called Adrianne - which a large number of people do despite seeing it written down.

I worked in recruitment for a number of years and eventually started using Ad-rienne instead of A-drienne as I got fed up with people calling me back and asking for Adrian...

I love my name!
Quite pretty. Much like its male counterpart Adrian, I feel a certain type of person would be needed to pull this name off -- a quiet, cool person who loves arts and literature and doesn't need to be loud and out there to be strong. It's a great name.
My name is Adrian. My dad named me after the Rocky movies. It is the male version of the name, but it's what Sylvester Stallone used, so that's what my parents picked.
Adrienne Corri (b. 1931), famous British actress.
There isn't much distinction from Adrienne & Adrian. They are both said pretty much the same way-if not exactly.

Adrienne: Feminine spelling, masculine sound. That's irritating, to say the least.

The name sounds awesome on a boy but not really great on a girl.
My name is also Adrienne. As a kid I hated it. No pencils or license plates with my name. It's a pretty big handle for a little kid. Often was told "that's a boys name". Now I love my name. It's unique, and I wear it with pride. My favourite thing about my name is when I travel. It sounds beautiful with a French or Spanish accent.
It's pretty and nice for a child and woman. You can't go wrong.
I have changed my mind about this name. I had only heard it pronounced like the boys name Adrian. This wonderful family I stayed with in Kansas whose father is of French-Canadian heritage, had a daughter with this name. They pronounced it ay-dree-ENN with the emphasis on the final syllable and rhyming with Ben. Not exactly the French pronunciation, but definitely pretty and it distinguishes it from the male name.
Adrienne Armstrong (maiden name Nesser) is the wife of Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong. She is also the sister of professional skateboarder Steve Nesser.
Hate this name-at least on a female
Adrienne is just a males name but with an eloborate, feminine spelling.

I love Adrian on a boy.
Adrienne on a girl is cringe worthy. Pronounced the exact same way...
Adrienne is my name and it's wonderful. Of course I have some online friends who insist it's a boy's name, but I don't really mind.
My name is Adrienne, personally, I sometimes dislike it because it IS a weird name. Also it does get mistakenly spelt 'adrian' or 'adrianne' quite alot, also pronounced 'adrianne'. It's easy for other people to say how nice it is but you don't have that name, so imagine what it's like for us who DO have it.
A pure, sophisticated, lovely, sexy name for a girl. It is amazing how appealing I find this name! Its pretty and alluring! Love it!
Well, in English it sounds identical to the male name Adrian. I think Adria is much better.
He This is my name. I like it. Very hard to find on a name tag, that's for sure. Don't run into many often with the same name as me. But that just makes it more special when I do. I like this spelling better ending with enne. It just seems more unique and interesting.

Though people sound like they pronounce all these names the same the fact is the only one that sounds different in the slightest is Adrienne


So this is what concerns me. This girl's entire life will be spent having to correct people or see her name spelt "Adrian" on her coffee cup every time because Adrienne is not the most popular spelling of this name.

Also Adrian is a name pronounced identically to most as Adrienne.
This girl will basically have to face the fact that Boys will have the same sounding name as her.

How awkward would it be if this girl falls in live with a boy named Adrian...
I like that this name is so under the radar like there hasn't been anything to taint the name at all or give any misconceptions of or assumptions of who this girl might be.

No huge celebrity or fictional character has this name. No one can say hey Adrienne! Like that actress I hate! Or Adrienne like that annoying cartoon character.

All I can think of is "Aaaadrriiaaann" from Rocky being shouted after her.. maybe. And that's not even the same spelling.

So there is hope for a girl named Adrienne to make a name for herself. To define herself and make her own impression on the world. Not having to be held back by people's association's with her name because they don't exist.
Apparently it also means: Dark, Rich
All I keep thinking is "Dark Chocolate" and "Rich Chocolate"

So this leads me to :
Adrienne = Dark = Chocolate
Adrienne = Rich = Chocolate


Adrienne = Chocolate

And chocolate in moderation has been known to make people happy and lift up their moods.

Adrienne = Happiness


Totally naming my daughter this...

(My logic may not be as sound as it looks...)
So much better than Adriana, and not as many stuck-up Brazilian models have this name as Adriana.
Adrienne Martelli (born 1987 in Glendale, California) is an American rower.
Adrienne Barbeau (born 1945 in Sacramento, California) is an American actress and author.
Adrienne Rich (born 1929 in Baltimore, Maryland) was an American poet and essayist.
Adrienne Frantz (born 1978 in Mount Clemens, Michigan) is an American actress and singer-songwriter.
Adrienne Bailon (born 1983 in New York City) is an American actress, dancer, and singer.
This has always been one of my favorite names for a girl! I think it is so pretty and just elegant. One of my best friends is named Adrienne. Everyone always spells her name wrong though like "Adrian". We call her "Adri" pronounced "Aw-dree". I would name my daughter this :)
A famous bearer is Adrienne Armstrong (nee Nesser), wife of Green Day's lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong. He nicknames her 80 (Adie).
Adrie can be used as a nickname.
Actress Adrienne Barbeau is a famous bearer.
I love this name! Love it spelled like this better than "Adrianne" or "Adrian" this is way better and it looks more girly and pretty. I would name my daughter this!
I love this name, but I don't want to use it because I don't want my daughter being called "Adrian". Adrian and Adrienne are two different names!
This is my name and I like it. Not many others have this name and it is unique.
This is my guilty pleasure name. It is very beautiful.
My best friend's name is Adrienne, and I absolutely love it! I'm planning to use it for my daughter's middle name. We call her Adj, pronounced "age".
In France, it is very old-fashioned.
My name is Adrienne, and I like it. Most people spell it Adrianne though, but after I correct them once, it sticks, so I love my name. :)
Adrienne Bailon is a famous bearer. She is a Cheetah Girl.
I always thought that the French equivalent of Adriana or Adrianna would be Adriane or Adrianne.
I love this name, especially the spelling seems so feminine, a good nickname for this name is Addy.
A famous bearer of the name is the late film actress Adrienne Shelley (1966-2006) who starred and directed in "Waitress".
My name is Adrienne and it's unique because when you go to the store for name tags or anything else with a name on it Adrienne isn't always there. People should relize that it's a girls name because people at my school who don't know think of Adrienne as a boy. Adrienne is a girls name and Adrian is the male version.
I love this name, it's really pretty.
Beautiful name! Normally I see men named Adrian but I like the female form of the name. I think that it's sophisticated yet cute at the same time.
A song by The Calling is called "Adrienne". I love this name and I would totally name my daughter this.
Adrienne is my best friend, and I love her name! I've seen on a website that it means "the dark one". We call her Adie.
The pet form of this name is Adie, pronounced like 80.

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