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Hello! I am a name fanatic, my passions are reading and writing, and my favorite artists are Lana Del Rey and Adele. I plan on being a famous piano player or a FBI agent or probably a author. For now, I enjoy begin a twelve year old girl and my own personal world of books and writing!A little more about me: I am not a social butterfly, I prefer to be alone and I rather be at home reading a good book or writing stories than be at the mall or at the movies with some "girlfriends". I love music and I love beautiful autumn nights, The Heat, The Nightmare Before Christmas, paintings, the Victoria era and Victoria styled dresses, and of course, reading and writing! Message me if you like, I don't bite :)Reasons why I joined this fabulous website is because I really want to learn about the history of names and give the right names to characters in my stories. If you have some great names I don't know about, please tell me!

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