Gender Feminine
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. BEHL-ə  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Short form of Isabella and other names ending in bella. It is also associated with the Italian word bella meaning "beautiful". It was used by the American author Stephenie Meyer for the main character in her popular Twilight series of novels, first released 2005, later adapted into a series of movies beginning 2008.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesZabel(Armenian) Elixabete(Basque) Elisheba, Elizabeth, Elisabeth(Biblical) Elisabet(Biblical Greek) Elisheva(Biblical Hebrew) Elisabeth(Biblical Latin) Elisaveta, Elizabet(Bulgarian) Elisabet(Catalan) Elizabeta(Croatian) Alžběta, Izabela(Czech) Elisabeth, Isabella, Elisabet(Danish) Annabel, Elisabeth, Isabeau, Isabel, Isabella, Isabelle, Isa, Liesbeth, Lijsbeth(Dutch) Eliisabet(Estonian) Elisabet, Isabella, Iisa(Finnish) Amable, Annabelle, Élisabeth, Isabel, Isabelle, Isabeau(French) Sabela(Galician) Elisabed(Georgian) Elisabeth, Isabel, Isabelle, Isa, Isabell, Isabella(German) Elisavet(Greek) Elikapeka(Hawaiian) Elisheva(Hebrew) Elizabet, Erzsébet, Izabella(Hungarian) Elísabet, Ísabella(Icelandic) Eilís, Eilish, Isibéal, Sibéal(Irish) Annabella, Elisabetta, Isabella(Italian) Amabilia(Late Roman) Elizabete, Jeļizaveta(Latvian) Elžbieta, Izabelė(Lithuanian) Elisaveta(Macedonian) Ealisaid(Manx) Ibb(Medieval English) Isabeau(Medieval French) Isabel(Medieval Occitan) Elisabeth, Isabella, Elisabet(Norwegian) Isabèl(Occitan) Elżbieta, Izabela, Izabella, Iza(Polish) Anabela, Isabel, Belinha, Elisabete, Elizabete, Isa, Isabela(Portuguese) Izabel(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Elisabeta, Isabela, Isabella(Romanian) Elizaveta, Yelizaveta(Russian) Elspet, Elspeth, Ishbel, Isobel(Scottish) Ealasaid, Iseabail, Beileag(Scottish Gaelic) Jelisaveta(Serbian) Alžbeta(Slovak) Elizabeta(Slovene) Anabel, Isabel, Ysabel, Elisabet, Isa, Isabela(Spanish) Elisabet, Elisabeth, Isabella, Isabelle(Swedish) Yelyzaveta(Ukrainian)
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People think this name is

classic   youthful   natural   wholesome   delicate   refined   simple  

Name Days

Hungary: August 31
Latvia: September 3


Entry updated January 21, 2022