I don't care about it. I prefer Isabella.
People seem to like the name Bella more than I do. That's sad considering my name is Bella *basically* Overall, I feel like the name is overrated once you hear it too much if that makes any sense.
My parents were thinking of naming me Bella and I kinda wish they did. I love how it means beautiful.
My friend's name is Bella, but she sometimes goes by Elizabeth, which is a form of Bella!
Bella is an adorable name, their middle name could be Ella or their sister! I think this name gets called a “dog name” too much. I think this name is a gem. I was thinking about changing my name to Bella. Dunno if I will because my name's Pip, but I love being Pip, Pippy, Philly *my name legally is Philippa*.
I think Bella is a stunningly gorgeous name. I love everything about it: the length, the meaning, the beautiful feminine charm, etc. It just rolls off the tongue so gracefully. It has a very melodic, romantic feel to it. It's wonderful.
Cute! But wouldn't use it tho!
In 2019 the name Bella was given to 83 girls in Ontario, Canada.
Bella and the Bulldogs is a show that went from 2015-2016.
Though it sounds cute and sweet, I always think of Bellatrix Lestrange, the most evil woman in Harry Potter...Names in literary works impress me most forever. Pity.
When I was little, I forced everyone to call me Bella for like 2 months. Contrary to the opinions of others here, I think it's a stunning name and not tacky in the slightest.
Bella is also Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Hungarian (used as a short form of Izabella) and Latvian. The name day for Bella in Hungary is August 31. The name day foe Bella in Latvia is September 3.Source:
It's cute, I've just known many Bellas who I dislike. The name itself is beautiful though. Many people do prefer "Belle" I have noticed.
I ❤️ it! The best name ever.
So boring, basic and tacky.
Boring name! Similar looking Ella without B looks more stable, a lot better than this. I don't like it much.
Dislike! I don't like this name, but I DO love Belle! Belle sounds so much sweeter and prettier.
I think it's alright, but I MUCH prefer Belle! Belle I like better, is the amazing princess in Beauty and the Beast, is much softer, and more beautiful, and ages better, and sounds smarter. Sorry to all Bella's but I prefer Belle.
Bella just sounds so immature. Belle is wayy better!
I don’t like it much at all, I’d sooner be called Titty than this because there is something about this name that I hate.
Sorry to any Bella’s, but I love Belle, but hate Bella.
My comment is: My name is actually Bella. It isn't short for "Arabella, Annabella, Isabella, or any other such name. The name Bella, (which may also be spelled Bela) does not only mean Beautiful. It also means God is my strength, fair child. And more.Here are some examples:In Hebrew baby names the meaning of the name Bella is: Devoted to God.In Hungarian baby names the meaning of the name Bella is: Intelligent.In Latin baby names the meaning of the name Bella is: yielding to prayer. Also meaning beautiful, loving, lovable, graceful.In American baby names the meaning of the name Bella is: Intelligent.The name has been around LONG before the Twilight series, which by way the protagonist's name is Isabella and not Bella. No! It's not the same thing.. There have been many notable women named Bella:
These women were named Bella (not shortened)Bella Savitzky Abzug (July 24, 1920 – March 31, 1998) American lawyer, U.S. Representative, social activist and a leader of the Women's Movement.Bella Mikhaylovna Davidovich (born July 16, 1928) Soviet-born American pianist.Bella Hardy (born 24 May 1984) is an English contemporary folk musician.Bella Gesser (born June 2, 1985), is an Israeli chess player holding the title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM). Bella Lewitzky (January 13, 1916, Los Angeles, California – July 16, 2004) modern dance choreographer, dancer and teacher.Bella Rosenfeld Chagall (15 November 1895, Vitebsk - 2 September 1944, New York State) was a Jewish Belarusian writer.Bella Shumiatcher (February 9, 1911 – 1990) was a Russian–Canadian–American pianist and music educator. Bella Spewack (Nee Cohen) (25 March 1899 – 27 April 1990) part of a husband-and-wife writing team.So you see the name has been around a long time.. It is rich in meaning and carries a fine history. It even appears in the Bible.I am glad I carry that name.
Lol this is a joke.
Because almost all names end with y, why not change Bella into Belly.
I like the name Bella. But I prefer Ella as better.
I really like this name. Even though it is my worst enemy's name.
Better as a nickname to Isabelle, Annabel, Annabella, Isabella, Arabella, Arabel or some other Bel/Bella name.
Meh on it.
It just reminds me of 'beautiful'.
Bella is not only a short form of Isabella and other names ending in Bella, it can also be used as a short form of names beginning with the element Bel, ex. Belinda.
Bella Goth, from the Sims. She is one of the most famous Sims ever. She is known for her famous absence in the Sims 2 and the mystery behind her disappearance.
My name is Bella. I never minded the sound of it, but I quickly became real tired of telling people my name and getting in return, "Oh, that's my dog's/cat's name!" I am now pretty resentful of my name because of its commonness and informality. It's more fitting as a nickname for friends to call you or a name for an animal rather than a person's real, legal first name. Sometimes I feel as if being named Bella makes it harder for other people to take me seriously. And I hate that. Honestly, please don't name your child Bella. Name your pet Bella, instead.
To the comment right below me, my dog's name is Belle (not Bella) and I love her very much.
I think your name is wonderful and amazing. You have a great name and should wear it well. Besides, if it weren't a good name, why would people name their dogs Bella? I bet you fit the meaning of the name too. (Not trying to be weird...I'm sorry if I come across that way.)
Despite the fact I really don't like Swan, this is one of my favorite girls' names!
This name does sound nice, but it is very common. Also, it sounds more fitting as a nickname or a pet's name. I don't think of Twilight, however. I was almost named this and I'm kinda glad I wasn't...
Duuuuuuuuuddddddeeeeeeee... My name IS Bella, and you have no idea how many people call me a slutty vampire... AUGH! It's so annoying! I also HATE how people are always like, "Is your REAL name Isabella?" Like, NO! IT'S JUST BELLA!
Love the name Bella. Who wouldn't want to name their daughter as beautiful :) It is however very common nowadays, so many Bella Rose's. I named my daughter Bella as her middle name, it flows much nicer.
Folks I absolutely get the fact in how much you love that name, but please slow down on naming your kids Bella and or other names with that element, there could be too many people in the world who are given those names. Didn't want to be cruel and rude.
It is unfortunate that Twilight seems to have ruined this name.I, personally, used to be on the fence for "Bella". Of the Bellas that I knew, both fictional and non-fictional, they were either very shy, soft-spoken, gentle and feminine, or boisterous, strong-willed and cunning leaders.What really made me like this name, however, was the character Bella from Erin Hunter's Survivors series. This Bella may not be as well-known as Bella Swan and she may be a dog, but I really loved her and by association, her name. She was feisty, clever, a natural leader, full of ideas and fire. Now, the name Bella represents strength and cunning for me.
My name's Bella. It's actually a nice name and sounds nice on a lot of people so all those people who say it's tacky and it means beautiful in Italian so it's not a good name, it's nice and I like my name.
I think Bella is a nice name. In fact my best friend's name is Bella. Don't be so mean about the name Bella.
This name is ridiculous, isn't a proper name but is an adjective from Italian, Bella means beautiful. Honestly it's tacky on a person. Isabella is so beautiful. Why going to ruins such a beautiful name?
I am not a fan of the name Bella. It's one of the most over-used names in America today. Heck, it's even one of the top names for cats!I think people like the name Bella because of the aspirated "B" sound at the beginning, like in Becca, another over-used name. (Aspirated-- you push out a lot of air when you say it.) If you must name your girl Bella, please give her the name Isabella (or similar) so that she has a choice of nicknames and won't be one of the 12 Bellas in her classroom.Twilight Series--meh.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Bella who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 404th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
It's also a diminutive of Annabella.
Love this name; however, it is becoming too popular and hence overused. I feel the same way about Belle.
Way too common. Besides, I prefer Belle.
I've adored this name since childhood and always wanted to call my future daughter this. To be honest I dislike Isabella, but Bella is beautiful.
Bella Abzug.
My cat's name is Bella.
People shouldn't keep disliking this name just because of the Twilight character. Many users on this website come on here to find character names, or talk about ones that exist already, but this website isn't just about teen vampire stuff. We all seem to forget that.
My name is Bella and I love my name, I've never even heard of Twilight before.
Twilight really ruined this already-annoyingly tacky name.
Bella Paige is an Australian singer. She was Team Madden's finalist for series 1 of The Voice Kids Australia, and was one of two runners-up. She performs with her older sister, Brigitte, in several covers on YouTube. In 2015, she was chosen as the Australian contestant for Junior Eurovision 2015. She is of Macedonian descent.
Only fits a child.
First off it's a nickname, and it should never be solely the name of a child. Secondly I find it an ugly name. It has no professional ring to it at all. Isabella or Annabella is at least a normal name. Bella on its own seems more fitting for a pet or barnyard animal. I'm in shock a lot of people here seem to like it and I'd rate this name as top 5 worst names to name a girl. It does not sound pretty at all.
I hate this name! I hate that my name is Bella Baker because my parents named me practically "beautiful baker". How annoying... and to make things worse, they named me after a dog. My parents didn't start calling me Bella until Twilight came out. I hate my name with a burning passion in my rotten soul. My given name is Isabella. I hate that more... All I ever hear is Bella is my dog's name or Bella is my cat's name or Bella is my bunny's name or something stupid along those lines. Okay, here is how I really feel about my name.
I love my name!
I love having a different name than most girls and always being told what a pretty name I have. Although, Bella is only my nickname, Isabella is my given name, I like to be called Bella better. And to all the people out there talking about how it is such a CHILDISH name, I love it! So me!
Also a Hungarian name. Pronounced: BEL-law.
I'd find it a very pretty name, if it wasn't popular due to.... ugh, that SERIES.
Erica Schroeder (born April 27, 1975), also known as Bella Hudson, is an American voice actress who lives in New York and has voice-acted in many major for kids television series' and video games, such as in 'Yu-Gi-Oh!', 'One Piece', 'Winx Club', and several characters in the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series, such as Blaze the Cat.
I am naming my first girl Autumn, but I am calling my second girl (if I have one) Isabella, Bella for short. Hey, what about Autumn Isabella as a first and middle name?
I think it is absolutely awful to say that this is a pretentious name. It is not a made up name. And the fact that it means 'beautiful' in Italian comes from an actual language. No one just awoke one day and said, "Oh, let's make the name Bella mean beautiful". It is a nickname. The name is fine and lovely. If you'd like to fill your head with nonsense and only associate it with 'Bella Swan' from Twilight, have at it, but don't try to ruin anyone else's perception of the name because you're bitter about it without reason. Isabella is a beautiful name. Bella is the name of a character, just as there are many other names of characters. The character will fade and the name will stand.
There's a gothic band from Virginia called Bella Morte. Their name means "Beautiful Death." Their music is amazing, and definitely worth checking out.
This name sounds like a nickname, not good on its own. It's a "baby" name. It does not age well.
A perfectly lovely name for humans, although it's become ridiculously overused on pets, for some reason. Ignoring the Twilight girl, I honestly don't know of any Bellas.
Tacky, disgusting, and way overused.
The name Bella can be translated, though far less commonly than the Italian translation, from the plural Latin for "war". (The singular is bellum.)
Sounds alright, but WAAAAYYYYY too overused. Call your kid Bella, and she'll be one of many. It'll be fine in the future if popularity dies down.
According to an article in The Guardian, Bella is the fourth most popular name for dogs in the UK. (The most popular one is Poppy.)
Bela Talbot is a character on the television series "Supernatural."
I ♡ the name Bella! It's soo cute, pretty, girly and sophisticated sounding! ^.~
I LOVE this name. I wish it was my name as a matter of fact!
I used to really like this name, years before it got super-trendy. Now it's just way too oversaturated, on pets and zoo animals as well as babies! It seems like every fifth dog, cat, and bunny these days is also named Bella. It's frustrating enough that Isabella, one of my favorite names since 1995, became so overused to the point where I'd never consider using it anymore. Now one of its nickname forms is also far too overused, all thanks to some poorly-written books.
Ok, people, just because the name has a bad association doesn't mean it's completely horrible! I loved Bella before Twilight (the name also means "Oath Of God", as a diminutive of Elizabeth) and I still love it, despite Bella Swan. It goes the other way too. I met a guy with a horrible name, and fell in deep infatuation with him. I still hate his name. If you can't stand the commonness of Isabella, here are all the names I've ever seen that end in Bella, and I'm not making this up: Abella
I like Isabella, but I don't like Bella. This name always reminds me of that annoying Mary Sue character Bella Swan from those godawful Twilight books.
I never liked this name. It sounds kinda tacky, and of course there's the association with the whiny, immature, and annoying Bella Swan from that lame excuse for a book Twilight.
This is a name that can grow with the child, not too cutesy and it's a strong name that a young woman could enter the work force with. I love Bella by itself. Its independant enough without a long name like "Isabella" or "Aribella".
This name needs to throw itself off a cliff. I hate the fact that it has become popular due to a weak, brainless character who does NOTHING and lets a pallid vampire boy run her life for her. What a pointless turd of a name.
A famous bearer is teen actress Bella Thorne.
I think it's pretty, but the association with Twilight puts me off (I like the books, but the character was so flat and Mary-Sue-ish). I prefer Bell.
I don't care if it is too popular or people think about 'Twilight' because I loved this name way before I even heard of Twilight. So I will use this if I want and no famous book or movie saga is gonna stop me! Lol I just think this name is adorable and cute and sweet for a little girl and also edgy enough for an older girl.
I used to be absolutely obsessed with the name Bella, but then the whole Twilight franchise kind of ruined it for me... no offense if your name is Bella or if you like the name though. :P
I used to love this name, especially for as a nickname for Isabella. Unfortunately, those horrid books ruined it.And for the person who said it's 'just a character' must not understand the influence literary characters have on us. The name Lolita is 'just a character' too but people don't want to use it. Same with Jezebel, depending on certain things. There are many names that are associated with 'just characters' that are unusable because of it. Bella is one of them.
I like the name Bella, it's beautiful. And my middle name is Sabella.
Personally I didn't like this name very much anyway, and then Twilight came along and sealed its fate. It's ironic, though, that one of the most intelligent people I know is named Bella. Thankfully she's much older than the target audience of the Twilight books and so won't have to put up with undue attention.
Wow. It's a character in a book... Calm down. And to the person above me-- so you'll use it because it's a Harry Potter name and not a Twilight name? ... Nice.
I like this name, a long time ago my best friend and I carved an apple and named it Bella (what a coincidence now xD)
I really like this nickname, but would not use the name Isabella because of its popularity. However, I LOVE the name Bellatrix so this is perfect.
I like the name. However, it will always be a dogs name to me.
I like this name, but the Twilight association kind of ruined it.
Personally, I feel that any name that translates into "beautiful" is rather pretentious and shallow. There are so many more meaningful names out there. It might have been fine if the name itself was more interesting (like Kallisto), but Bella is boring as a name. Also, for some reason, it always makes me think of an overfed and spoiled white Persian cat. I'm not really sure why.
I find it unusable because it means "beautiful" in a few languages and seems cheesy. Therefore, I think Bella Swan has the silliest full-name name ever.
Apparently damsels in distress are more important than linguistics.
Twilight just wrecked this name for me; but I still love it. I'd just use it as Bella as I don't like Isabella or Annabella etc. Bella used to make me think of a funny smart girl- until Twilight came along and made me think of a wimpy lovesick teenager. (No offence to Twilight Fans).
I loved this name WAY before the Twilight books came out. I was planning to name my daughter Bella, now it is ruined and WAY too common.Here is a shout out to everyone who loved this name before Twilight and hates it now because of Twilight!
I used to use this name as the protagonist of all my stories. I was going to name my future baby Bella too. Twilight ruined all that. =[
Twilight didn't ruin this name for me. I already didn't like the way it sounded before Twilight ever came into focus. It just sounds like a new found bell type. Not something I'd name my daughter.
Eww. Okay I used to love this name and then Twilight came out and literally killed the poor name. All the Isabellas at my school started going by BELLA and there are like 200 Bellas now, it is so annoying! I like Belle better!
Bella's a good name, for an ANIMAL.
I liked Bella until Twilight came out. Plus its popularity has grown so much that it looks unappealing. I'm not a big fan of really popular names to begin with, but this one seems even worse to me.
Even if I liked the character with Bella, naming your kid a name that will forever be associated with a character seems like it would annoy the kid who has it. They have expectations to be like the character and have people go "Oh, like Bella from Twilight?" every time they introduce themselves. Plus it also takes away from what the name actually means and puts more focus on the character than on the name itself or the person with the name.
It's a nice name, but it's also been ruined by Twilight.
It's somewhat recently occurred to me that I'm irrevocably in love with this name. ^_^ I have thousands of characters named Bella, or with names (think Arabella, think Bella-Grace, think Bellarose, think Rosabella - the latter being my stage name) that include it in some way. I think it's a simple, classic and feminine name - memorable, easy to spell, yet still interesting somehow. The "Twilight" association is somewhat irritating, since Bella Swan (*cough* didanyonesaymarysuebutohwell *cough*) will be the first thing many people think of when they hear this name, but Bella is still a lot nicer than a lot of other girls' names out there (honestly, would you rather see a little Bella or another Mukynzii/Nevaeh nightmare?!). I would use it either as a name in its own right or as a short form of Rosabella on a daughter.
Yes twilight seems to have very well destroyed the thoughts of certain names lately. Well yes I agree, it is kitsch in a way. The name is fine for other people I suppose.
Besides for Bella Swan being a weak, annoying, shallow, and love-obsessed "character", there really isn't much to this name. Ignoring Twilight, this name is still unoriginal, with all the Disney princesses and such. The meaning also isn't very deep or unique. There are so, so many other names that mean "beautiful", and sound more sophisticated than this.
Bella Swan ruined this name for me. I can never hear this name now without cringing.
Name your character this if you want them to be unrealistic. Name your daughter this if you want to take the short way out and give them a name that's so meaningful. Right. Bella, beautiful, of course. It's not deep, it's just a name you pick because you read awful literature. After Twilight, naming your child Bella is the cool thing to do. But why would you name your daughter after a weak, dependent main character who constantly journeys into unrealistically perfect territory while simultaneously engaging in "true love" with perfect Edward? Why name your daughter something that ought to be a dog's name when there are so many actually beautiful names out there? The name Bella is far from original, and I rather you name your daughter Pineapple than something this pathetic.
Okay, Wilted, not everyone who names their kid Bella loves Twilight. Maybe some of them actually think it's a pretty name! Imagine that! I happen to love this name.
This name is linked to the Latin words 'bellum' (meaning 'war') and 'bellus' (meaning 'beautiful' or 'pleasant') - it is the plural of the former and the plural or feminine form of the latter. It's up to you which etymology you choose to believe, I suppose.
I will forever associate this name with Bella Swan of Twilight. Too prissy and I found Bella of Twilight to be a very weak main character in a book that really seemed to want to be about Edward. No offense meant to the real Bellas out there.
As for a girl; it wouldn't be pretty as a full name; but to me this name is graceful, soft and delicate. But only if it's a nickname for something else like Annabell or Isabell or something like that.
Bella stands for
-cheers to the previous comment- Anyway, I do like Bella, but as a nickname for names like Annabella, Isabella, etc., and not as a name by itself.
I LOVE the name Bella, it is the most beautiful name out there. Sadly Stephanie Meyer had to go and waste it on Bella in Twilight (terrible book by the way) and now so many parents are naming their kids Bella because of it, so it will be a very popular name. Btw, I have a cat named Bella, who was Bella WAY before Twilight!
Very kitsch.
It's a nice delicate name, but it's OK not the best not the worst.
I like the name Bella, but I prefer Belle. It's grown on me a bit since Bella's the main character in Twilight, a series I love. However, if I was named Isabella, I would go by Izzie, not Bella. Izzie is adorable, and with Bella I just want to shorten it to the much prettier and sweeter Belle. I also prefer Ella to Bella, and I prefer Isabelle to Isabella.
Too cutesy and girly, and people from certain countries would laugh at the name becase it means 'beautiful'. Just in case your daughter will be very intelligent and ambitious, but not interested in showbiz, she might have some credibility problems with this name.
My first name is Isabela and I refused to let anyone call me Bella after that book 'Twilight' by Stephanie Meyer was released. I'm sorry but I dislike that book with a burning passion. And it's the trendy thing for teenagers to read nowadays so everyone makes that association to my name and the character from that book. So now, people just call me Belle.
I like this name, although I have heard it only three times. Once on a baby kitten and twice on little girls. The name doesn't really strike me as something I can see on a 20 year old or even older. I'd name her Annabelle and call her Bella and when she got old call her Anna or Annabelle whichever the little girl herself chose. But either way, I still like this name. I'm not sure why, it's just sweet. But I really don't think I'll ever use it if I have another daughter. Although Annabelle or Anabelle seem to be something I could use, and call her Bella until about her senior year of high school and then I would call her Anna or Ana, or if she chose, Annabelle or Anabelle. It all depends on the child and her parents really. But I still like this name.
Bella has a big belly.
Sounds like something you would name a small puppy.
I think Bella is an awesome name, perfect as a nickname for Isabella or Annabella.
Found under the forms Bela, Vella, Belia in Judeo-Spanish.
I dislike this name, but I also dislike "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer, the two go hand in hand. Also, the current popularity with Isabella is sickening.
Bella reminds me of the word 'belly' too strongly for me to like it.
Such a pretty name.
Not my favorite name (seems too, I don't know, cliche). However, my association with the name is to the main character of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, (a FABULOUS book) so it's definitely not all bad.
The *name* Bella is English. The word (not name) 'Bella' is Italian for 'beautiful' as the word 'belle' is French for beautiful. Either way though it is lovely and very versatile. It's a nickname that can be used by a lot of different names.
When I have kids one of them has to be Bella. This name is just magical. Love it love it love it. It's very strong and elegant.
I love the name Bella. It's such a pretty, soft name.
Bella Wilfer is a character in "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens.
I like this name a lot and prefer it to the common name "Ella".
Bella can also be a nickname for Belinda (my own name). I'm usually Belle but I have a few friends who like Bella better and so that is what they call me. It is very nice being called 'beautiful' every time someone says my name :)
How can you not adore this name? I love it. It's not nearly as nauseously popular as Madison and it rolls off the tongue. It's a wonderful name, through and through.
It sounds adorable for a little girl. And for a cat too.
Very cute name but becoming overused.
Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter is called "Bella" by her sister and Voldemort - possibly by others that she is close to, as well.
Bella is also Spanish and it means beautiful, it's pronounced Bay-ya.
Bella is my nickname from my friend. Well, really it's from when we started calling each other Narcissa and Bellatrix from Harry Potter, and that kinda turned into Cissy and Bella!
Bella means dessert in Latin! (-:
At first, I was in love with this name. But after a while, it just got old and unappealing. With every kid named this because of the surge of popularity, I get even more sick of it.
I love this name! I am naming the first daughter I have Bella. It's so cute and pretty for a little girl, and beautiful for a woman.
My name is Bella, how can it be English if it means beautiful in Italian? It is an Italian name, and Belle is French. None of these are English.
Bella is such a beautiful name! When I have a daughter I'm going to name her Bella Charlotte. It reminds me of some pretty little Italian girl.
Bella is my nickname, my real name is Annabel, but sometimes I think Bella can sound a bit funny with the B, even though that's the name. I guess that doesn't really make sense but that's my impression. I prefer it more than Annabel.
Bella is a nickname and is used as such in Italian-speaking communities. Every woman can be (and is, in Italy) called Bella. It's like being called Honey, or Sweetie, or Babe. It's a come-on and really inappropriate as a given name for an actual person.
Whilst I love this name, it is also a character on the children's TV show "The Tweenies." Think human-shaped Teletubbies! An interesting show, but that Bella would be the first thought of most under-5's meeting a child called Bella!
I think this name is beautiful. I in fact wish this was my name!
This is a lovely name!
This is the name of my sister's black cat and I love it. It is truly a beautiful name for a cat or a human. I just love seeing it and hearing it. One of the best names ever.
Just a quick fact: If you've ever read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, you'll know that the main character's name is Bella Swan. Great book, by the way.
Bella is such a cutie name. I am desirous of this name!
I have a cat named Bella. I think it's really cute.
"Bella" could be a short form of "Mirabella".
I love the name Bella and the character that shares the same name from The Sims.
There's a character in The Sims game called Bella Goth married to Mortimer Goth. In the sequel 'The Sims 2' she was supposedly abducted by aliens. I love this name, it's very cute!
I love this name. It can be short for Isabella, Anabella, or just by itself, so awesome.
Like its meaning Bella is one of Italy's most beautiful names.
Bella really is "beautiful"! I would use this name to describe a poised, patient, beautiful ballerina!
I know a 6-year-old named Annabella, and Bella is her nickname.
Is of old Spanish origin: Bellalinda.
What a beautiful name! This would have to be my favourite name. Such a lady-like and gorgeous name. I just wish I had a daughter now...!
With a few alterations, Bella could mean "dawn" in Scottish Gaelic; beul an là (literally, "mouth/opening of the day"), so therefore, with some contractions, it could become "Beullà" or "Beulà" (both pronounced as "BAY-lah"). The literal meaning might not be so flattering, though.
Also from 'Isabel', meaning "consecrated to God", which was derived from 'Elizabeth' (Hebrew), meaning "oath of God".
Bella is also used as a nickname for Isabella.
Famous bearer is child actress Bella Riza.

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