Given Name CECILY

GENDER: Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: SES-i-lee  [details]

Meaning & History

English form of CECILIA. This was the usual English form during the Middle Ages.
VARIANTS: Cecelia, Cecilia, Cicely
DIMINUTIVES: Cece, Celia, Sissy
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Caecilia (Ancient Roman), Cecilija (Croatian), Cecílie, Cecilie (Czech), Cecilie, Cecilia, Cille, Silje, Sille (Danish), Cécile, Cecilia, Cilla, Silke (Dutch), Cecilia, Silja (Finnish), Cécile (French), Cäcilia, Cäcilie, Caecilia, Cecilia, Silke, Zilla (German), Cecília, Cili (Hungarian), Sheila, Síle (Irish), Cecilia (Italian), Cecilie, Cecilia, Silje (Norwegian), Cecylia (Polish), Cecília, Cila (Portuguese), Cecilia (Romanian), Tsetsiliya (Russian), Sìleas (Scottish), Cecília (Slovak), Cecilija, Cilka (Slovene), Cecilia (Spanish), Cecilia, Cilla (Swedish)


actresses, American Horror Story characters, British royal family, currently out of the US top 1000, Gundam characters, medieval, nobility, Oscar Wilde characters, witches, Xeno characters, Y vowels
Entry updated July 2, 2008