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Gender Masculine
Scripts އަޙްމަދު(Dhivehi) أحمد(Arabic) احمد(Urdu, Pashto)

Meaning & History

Turkish, Bosnian and Dhivehi form of AHMAD. This was the name of three Ottoman sultans.
VariantsAhmet(Turkish) Ahmad, Hameed, Hamid(Arabic) Ahmad(Urdu) Ahmad(Pashto)
Feminine FormsHamide(Turkish) Hamida(Arabic)
Other Languages & CulturesAhmad(Avar) Akhmad(Chechen) Amadou(Fula) Ahmad(Indonesian) Akhmad(Ingush) Ahmad(Malay) Amadou(Manding) Ahmad, Hamid(Persian) Amadou(Serer) Ehmet(Uyghur) Amadou(Wolof)


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