They way they offer the key for pronunciation on here is strange to me. The E in bet is not the same sound as the a in care in my accent!
Aimee is the best spelling. It’s also awesome. ;)
I really don't like Aimee as a spelling of Amy - it looks like it's trying to glorify a name in a pretentious way, though I really have no problem with the name Amy. However, I LOVE it pronounced em - mey, or em - mei, like how the letter M is pronounced in Spanish. That's a beautiful sounding name, even if it's literally the letter M, it rolls off the tongue very well. Also, I believe there are many possible Japanese kanji combinations for it pronounced like em - mei, as both are kanji characters.
One of my grandmothers had this as a first name. She was named after her godmother (aunt by marriage to her father's brother) whose name was spelled the same way. This is a beautiful French name that was very poplar around the New Orleans area in the late 1800's and early 1900's.
I really like this name.
I love its meaning and it's really very pretty! I prefer this variant to Amy. Amy seems bland and common.
More frilly than Amy, but at least it's not as common.
My family pronounces it how they'd phonetically do so naturally in Spanish. So like eye-meh, or like Jaime in Spanish. But for everyone else who speaks English I tell them it's eye-may.
Call me biased, I probably am, but I dislike the spelling "Amy". It could be due to personal encounters or because people spell my name that way unless I tell them it's actually spelt Aimee which becomes quite frustrating. In theory, I would have an accent on the first e but due to being in England and not using accents, there isn't one. Several French people I know and some family members and myself add an accent whenever possible. I like how my name is spelt phonetically to how we pronounce it which is Aim-ee (ay-mee). Overall, if it wasn't my own name, I'd name my child Aimée.
I was born in the USA and my American and Puerto Rican parents named me Aimee, with an accent on the first 'e' (it won't show up here), however, we've always pronounced it phonetically according to the language we're speaking. Amy is more common here and most times people just assume that is how I spell my name. I don't usually correct them. It's their ignorance, not mine.
In the US, we use Aimee without the accent mark, not Aimée.
I've seen people comment about not liking Aimee and that it is unusual and it is just copying when the name Aimee comes from aimer meaning love it was created as a French way of showing love to a child and became a popular name. From my user name you can tell my name is Aimee. I was called this and not Amy because my parents though Amy was too generic and bland. I understand that everyone has an opinion, but it was not copying at all. I hope you understand and enjoy my insight.
My middle name is Aime'. My father picked out the name and it's pronounced eye-meh.
Aimee, without the accent, is frequently used in the UK as a different spelling of Amy, although it was probably influenced by Aimée.
Even though this name is pretty old-fashioned where I live (it's my paternal grandmother's name), it's one of my top 5 names. I think it's really beautiful and it has a nice meaning. Plus I like how it appears in a number of French fairy tales, such as the aformentioned The Bee and the Orange Tree, as well as Aurore and Aimée (a fairy tale by the woman who wrote Beauty and the Beast). I hope it makes a comeback in France!
Aimée is the name of the princess who is the protagonist of Madame d'Aulnoy's fairy tale The Bee and the Orange Tree.
Aimée is a considerably old fashioned name in France. It was most popular in the 1920's, but is very rarely used on baby girls today. I prefer Amy, personally.
I dislike this as a spelling of Amy in English. It reminds me of something being aimed at. The "aimer" aims at the "Aimee".
The pronunciation on here is wrong, it doesn't sound that different than Amy even when said in French
I know two people named Aimee. One pronounces it the French way and the other pronounces it "Amy". I think it's a pretty way to spell it.
My name is Aimee, and as the person above me stated, I was always told (from my French relatives) that the French pronunciation is ah-mee. I go by the English pronunciation though and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. This name is more commonly used in England than France anyway and I like the spelling much better than Amy. It's different without being too weird and fancy without being too pompous. I love being an Aimee. :)
Aimee is actually my name, but I pronounce it neither like "ay-mee" or like "ay-mey".
I pronounce it "ah-mee", which is completely different from what everyone is saying it is supposed to be pronounced! How strange. It's rather interesting that people have different ways of pronouncing this name--I've heard many different pronunciations of it.
This name is gorgeous pronounced e-MAY, but since most Americans just see it as a variant of the plain-Jane Amy, I really haven't liked it.
Pronounced "ie-mai".
Pronounced aimay.
Meaning: Loved, beloved.
My friend's name is Aimee, but she just pronounces it like Amy. I don't find this name to be any more beautiful than Amy, I'm rather neutral about it.
Aimee is the titular character of the book Aimee by Mary Beth Miller. Aimee kills herself before the book starts and the narrator, Zoe, is accused of murdering her. Whenever I hear this name, I think of that.
In one of Judith Lennox's novels - 'A Step In The Dark' - the main character Bess has a daughter called Aimée. Her other children are called Frazer, Michael, Kate, Rebecca and Eleanor.
My sister's name is Aimee. I think it's beautiful, classy, and intelligent. It has a lovely meaning. I'm also a big fan of Anouk Aimee a French actress of the fifties. It's a great name to name your daughter!
Welsh singer Aimee Anne Duffy (known as Duffy). She came 2nd in 'Wawffactor' (a Welsh version of Pop Idol) in 2003.
In England this is a very common way to spell Amy. I don't really see why not - after all, Amy is only a respelling of Aimee in the first place. And Aimee (pronounced "eh-meh") is pretty much extinct in France. I think it's overreacting to call Aimee an illiterate way to spell Amy - you could just as easily make the argument the other way around. Besides, "emmay" or whatever is not really much like the French pronunciation which you could only do if you switched into a proper French accent half-way through the sentence you were saying; hence why we pronounce it "ay-mee" in the first place. It's the English pronunciation.
This is the name of the heroine of a novel called The Fortieth Door by Mary Hastings Bradley. The book, which she wrote in 1920, is a romance/adventure story and takes place in Egypt.
Aimee Lynn Chadwick, an actress & filmaker is a famous bearer of this name.
Ay-may is slightly more difficult to pronounce, in my opinion, since we're all so used to saying Amy. Pronounced the same way, though, makes it a refreshing and unique variation of an over-used name.
Aimee is only spelt this way by British parents who want to try and make a very common and boring name sound and look different, a gross distortion of the English langugue. I know at least five "Amy's" with their name spelt like this, so hardly different.
I prefer this spelling of Aimee. I think it looks more elegant.
Aimee Echo is an American vocalist. She is the ex-frontwoman of Human Waste Project and currently the vocalist of theSTART.
Aimee Garcia is an American actress who plays in The George Lopez Show.
Aimee Mann is an American rock guitarist, bassist, singer, and noted songwriter.
Aimee Mullins is an American athlete, actress, and fashion model best known for her extraordinary collegiate-level athletic accomplishments, despite a disability that resulted in the amputation of both of her legs.
Aimee Nezhukumatathil is a popular Asian American poet, best known for her jovial and accessible reading style and lush descriptions of exotic foods and landscapes.
Aimee Rachel Osbourne is a singer, actress, and columnist. She is the fourth child of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and the first child to Ozzy's second wife Sharon.
Aimee Sweet is an American glamour model and pornographic actress.
Aimee Willard was a star lacrosse player who was murdered on her way home from a night out with friends. Her car was left running, and her body was found, but the killer was unknown.
I've ALWAYS had people pronounce my name AY-me. Just like Amy.
I used to pronounce this name like Amy; then like "eye-mee"; but I finally decided to look it up here in the database to see what it means, and I find its actual pronunciation is "e-MAY" - and now I love it! The spelling looks cute, and it's much better than your typical Amy.
Princess Aimée of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven (b. 1977) is the wife of HH Prince Floris of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven, the youngest son of HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and Pieter van Vollenhoven.
I think this is a nicer spelling of the name. Not fond of the Amy spelling.
I think it's pretty, but a little too plain for my tastes.
This is my name. However, the accent is on the second E not the first. I'm not sure why since I never spell it with the accent anyway. Therefore I pronounce it like the traditional Amy. I like my name I suppose. Sometimes it gets annoying when everyone spells or pronounces it wrong. But I like this spelling better than the traditional Amy, it makes me unique.
Aimee Graham is a pretty American actress and also a sister of Heather Graham.
I can't really imagine pronouncing it like Amy.
My mom gave me the name Aimee` because she liked how it sounded, but she didn't like how it was spelled so she spelled it the French way (Aimee`). I love having my name spelled this way because it makes me unique and I like that because then I know that not many other people have their name spelled like me. I also love the meaning of the name "beloved," I like the meaning because then it kind of ties in with my middle name a little bit which is Rose. So my first and middle name turns into "beloved rose." Rose has a very bitter sweet meaning to me now because my grandma's name was Rose, sadly she passed away a little over a year ago. To me that is why my name has such a special meaning to me now a days.
This name is really common in Ireland, where Mimi is the usual nickname.
Amy is such a cute name, but I hate this spelling - it looks really stupid and ruins the name Amy which is really cute when it's just three letters.
A beautiful and unique name. I prefer it to the English version "Amy" which - I think - is dated and overly popular. I have many French friends and I first thought they would think it was a silly name as it to them meant "liked/loved" (where the English version Amy means "beloved"), but on the contary they find it also a beautiful name and prefer it the the English pronunciation. In response to and commenter above I agree the name Aimie is also very nice. Of course too unique due to the girl's parents. I think it also - in English - is the correct spelling for it. So the pronunciation is correct and more phonetic. Both I feel are beautiful names.
I think Amy spelled Aimee is unusual enough. It will be too hard for her if you change it to Amiee.
My sister's name is spelt AIMIE (aimie), and I think that this is a really nice way to spell her name. It was not an idea that my parents had - they spelt the French version wrong so she got that name, but I think that it is beautiful and unique, don't you agree?
Aimee (Leonie Allegonde Marie) is the wife of prince Floris of Orange-Nassau (The Netherlands).
I think Aimee is a very pretty name. It sounds rather bland in French though the meaning is very nice. The spelling is much nicer than the traditional Amy.
Aimee is my pen-name, but I feel more comfortable using it than my real name. I live in Russia so this name seemes to be extraordinarily unusual.
Aimée is my name. I have always liked it as it is French and an unusual spelling in England. However, I do not like the English Amy. I think the French form gives it more of an air of beauty.
Aimee is nice, but Amy is much better. Aimee is not any prettier than Amy.
I like this name, but only if it is pronounced the French way, I don't like it pronounced like Amy (though I like Amy, Aimée, pronounced like Amy is just wrong to me). Aimée comes from the french word "aimer" which means "to love/like". It is hardly used as a name in France. Aimé (the male version) is even more popular for boys than Aimée is for girls.

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