I gave myself this name when I came out as non-binary, since I'm Finnish American and I loved the meaning and origin. It's very special to me.
necronomicon  12/9/2020
I like the description of the Finnish epic. I also like the spelling of the name itself.
noisynora  9/2/2020
Also Estonian: [noted -ed]
Frollein Gladys  7/22/2020
Aino Laine "The only wave" is the name of the female protagonist in Sándor Márai's novel 'Sirály' (German "Die Möwe", I am not aware of an English translation).
elbowin  7/1/2019
Finnish skier Aino-Kajsa Saarinen.
Hero76  1/30/2016
While it is an interesting name and pretty in the original pronunciation, someone pointed out to me that English speakers might read it as "anal". Unfortunate, but something to consider if you're thinking of naming a child Aino.
― Anonymous User  11/22/2015
Don't know how you get Anal out of Aino.
― Anonymous User  12/3/2015
Aino is on all accounts a beautiful name. Its meaning and sound are lovely, it's classic yet fresh, suitable for any age and it's very Finnish. In addition, the 'o' ending is a bit unusual in girls' names which I like.
Joukahainen's sister could be a negative factor for some but the Kalevala connection is still Romantic, in the nationalistic way, and I've never had issues with the story anyway.
Aino was my grandmother's name, so I'm (most likely) biased, but it actually pleases me that this name has been popular rather than childishly sulking about my favourites being "too used".
Louska  1/31/2015
Aino Jawo of Icona Pop.
Eievie  1/29/2014
I really love this name and I am sad that I can't use it myself. My husband is Mexican and it sounds bad in spanish, very close to the word for "anus". I think this name is modern, unique, and sooo cute. I love that its an old classic name in Finland, but completely undiscovered by Americans.
stephanja  1/23/2014
I'm not a huge fan of this name, but I think the meaning 'The Only One' is stunning and one of the most beautiful meanings ever for some reason! Haha.
tsarinaoftheplains  9/8/2013
This name is very popular in Finland, but also very special. I'm told by a native Finn that "not just anyone" can be an Aino; it has a lot of meaning that is lost once it's taken outside the culture, given its strong link to the Kalevala (probably THE source of Finnish nationalism and culture).
violadefacto  9/23/2009
In the description it says that "Aino" means "my only one" in Finnish. That is not entirely true. There is a Finnish word that means "only", which is "ainoa" or "ainut", obviously close to the name, but not the name exactly. The only place where the word is written as "Aino" meaning "only" is Kalevala, which is written in poem form - with poetic license. And even that is a matter of interpretation. In general Finnish, there is no such word as "Aino", other than as the female name and Kalevala character.
Carablea  7/10/2008
Actually the word for "the only one" is nowadays "ainoa". "Aino" is an old fashioned and/or poetic way to say it.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2008
A famous bearer is Aino Kallas (1878–1956) Finnish (or Finnish-Estonian) writer and poet. Her most famous book is Sudenmorsian (The Wolf's Bride).
ToveTer  8/20/2007
I adore this name fully, very pretty for a little girl.
― Anonymous User  5/3/2007
It's sweet, little old-fashioned, but still very, very, VERY pretty name for a girl.
Yippal  1/8/2007
Pronounced EYE-noh.
Soul  4/2/2006
A bearer of the name is Aino Marsio/Aino Aalto, the wife of Alver Aalto and Finnish architect and designer.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2006
In Japanese, Aino means 'love of'.
xcassieanhx  11/26/2005
Originally, the character of Aino did not have a name at all. She was referred to as the only sister of Joukahainen ("...aino siskonsa"), but for some reason people thought it was her name and capitalized the word Aino, even though it originally just meant that Joukahainen didn't have other sisters.
― Anonymous User  7/6/2005

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