The Breton pronunciations are either /a.lɑ̃n/≈"AH-lah^n-n(in Nothern and Western Brittany) or /a.lɑ̃n/≈"ah-LAH^N-N" (in Southern Brittany).
In Breton one always pronouce "an" and "ann" /ɑ̃n/≈"AH^N-N": first a nasal "A" like the French /ɑ̃/≈"AH^N" in "français", "en masse" or "flambé", then a "N"; like if one pronouced the French word "ennui"/ɑ̃n.ny.i/≈"AH^N-NUY-EE" while skipping the "UY-EE" at the end.
It is used in Spanish. According to Forebears, in Spain, it has 6,994 people named Alan:
I knew a guy named Alan in middle school but now it just sounds like an old man's name.
Glitzy and ridiculous.
Alan also known as Brain is from Arthur.
Also used in Czechia and Slovakia.
Dr Alan Roderick Statham from Channel 4's Green Wing.
It doesn't look complete without the double L but I like it as a middle name.
I find this name classic and pretty nice. Not a bad choice if you're looking for a simple name.
I like it. It works well in pretty much every European language and despite being short is not super generic which makes me like it a lot. I do not like the spelling Allan though cause it reminds me of a certain far-right individual...
Alan Walker is a Norwegian-English DJ and producer. He became successful in 2015 with his first single, "Faded", which is still the most streamed song on Spotify in Norway. Talking about Spotify, in this app he's the 123rd most followed artist., with 22,742,849 monthly listeners. His main way to communicate with his fans, called "Walkers" is his YouTube channel. Walkers appear in his official videoclips.
I don't really like the spelling of it; but I do like the Stokes Twins! Prefer Allen.
Also Gascon, Provençal and Languedocian: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Aha! Alan Partridge is a fictional character on various BBC shows.
Alan is the title of one of the songs on the Perfume Genius album No Shape.
Alan is my husband's name and we used a feminine spelling of it as our daughter's middle name - Charlotte Allyn. She loves it!
Infamous bearer is Jewish pedophile Alan Dershowitz.
Alan sounds like a name for a smart person.
The origin is not clear, but the first documented bearers of the name where kings/dukes of Brittany - the Celtic region on Atlantic coast of France.
In slavic countries the name ALAN connects with LAN (female deer) and JELEN (male deer) and with words as ELEGANT and has kind of noble sound.I personally find history of the name really interesting. Probably made it (as really few names) from Celts to Medieval Christian Brittany, from there to France and UK, from there to US and in 20th century became really popular across both continents. It was a favourite name (from reasons unknown) to New York Jews (Alan Konigsberg a.k.a. Woody Allen, Allan Derschowitz (prominent lawyer), Allan Greenspan (ex FED director). It was really popular also in France in prewar and post war years, Alain Badiou is a the most important French philospher still alive, Alain Robbe Grillet - avantgarde director, Alan Deloin - French actor...During last decades the name got popular also in South America and Central and Eastern Europe. I would say due to its shortness - short names tend to be more popular, due it is noble sound - starting with AL and also because it is soft but still masculine and strong. At least in Slavic languages the name ending AN are considered strong. As IVAN for example.
Alan Gabriel Ludwig García Pérez (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈalaŋ ɡaβˈɾjel luðˈwiɣ ɡaɾˈsi. A ˈpeɾes]; 23 May 1949 – 17 April 2019) was a Peruvian politician who served as President of Peru from 1985 to 1990 and again from 2006 to 2011. He was the second leader of the Peruvian Aprista Party and the only party member ever to have served as President.
Also used in Slovak:
Also used in Czech: --- including stats
Edgar Allan Poe, the pioneer of mystery short stories in American Literature.
In 2018, 55 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Alan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 178th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Alan Grant was the main character in the Michael Crichton novel Jurassic Park and its 1993 film adaption.
Alan rickman is sooo dreamy!
Alan means field in Turkish.
It has a tacky ring to it for some reason.
Alan M. Arakawa is an American politician who is currently the 7th Mayor of the County of Maui in Hawaii. He previously served as the 5th Maui mayor from 2002 to 2006. Arakawa graduated from Maui High School and attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa as a business major. He then entered civil service in 1984 as a wastewater plant worker for Maui County. He rose to the post of supervisor in the wastewater division of the Department of Public Works and he was both a United Public Workers Chief Steward and a Hawai'i Government Employees Association Union Representative.
Alan Olav Walker, occasionally known as DJ Walkzz, is a Norwegian music producer and DJ. He is best known for the 2015 single "Faded", which received platinum certifications in over 10 different countries. He is ranked 55th on DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs list of 2016.
Alan Aguerre is an Argentine footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Vélez Sarsfield in the Argentine Primera División. Aguerre started his professional career playing for Vélez Sarsfield in a 4–1 victory over Atlético de Rafaela, for the 2013 Inicial, replacing injured Sebastián Sosa in the starting lineup. Despite the strength of Vélez' youths in every other position of the field, Aguerre was the first goalkeeper of the club's youth divisions to debut for the first team since Bernardo Leyenda in 1999. The goalkeeper was an unused substitute for Sosa in Vélez' 2012 Inicial, 2012–13 Superfinal and 2013 Supercopa Argentina winning campaigns.
Alan Muraoka is an American actor and theatre director who plays Alan, the current owner of Hooper's Store, on the television show Sesame Street. Alan Muraoka was born in Mission Hills, Los Angeles. Muraoka's first experience as a performer came at the age of ten, where he appeared as "The Candy Man" at a movie theatre during the intermission of a double feature. According to the biography on his official site, he performed throughout high school where he also had his first experience as a director - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?.
Alan Willis Thicke was a Canadian actor, songwriter, game and talk show host. He was best known for his role as Jason Seaver, the father on the ABC television series Growing Pains, which ran for seven seasons. He is the father of actor Brennan Thicke, and of singer Robin Thicke. In 2013, Thicke was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame. Thicke died on December 13, 2016 in the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California, U.S..
Alan Thicke, 1947 – 2016, was a Canadian actor, songwriter, game and talk show host.
Alan Hansen is a Scottish former football player and BBC television football pundit. He played as a central defender for Partick Thistle, for the successful Liverpool team of the late 70s and 80s, and for Scotland. As a football pundit, Hansen is known for his outspoken views, particularly on the team's defensive performances, frequently criticising what he believed was "diabolical" or "shocking" defending. He made his name as a pundit on Match of the Day from 1992 to 2014.
Alan Pérez is a Spanish retired professional road bicycle racer. He competed as a professional between 2005 and 2012, for the Orbea and Euskaltel–Euskadi teams.
Alan Yelizbarovich Dzagoev is a Russian international footballer who plays as midfielder for PFC CSKA Moscow in the Russian Premier League and Russian national football team.
The name Alan is smart, sexy, refined, classy and overall a really nice name :).
I like this name, it sounds incredibly strong and masculine and handsome sounding.
Alan is the name of two of my relatives. I know Allan/Allen is more common but growing up with Alan is natural to me. It's strong and handsome. I think it's sweet!
Alan is Welsh for a young male deer, i.e. a buck. Élan is the female version.
This is my name, but I don't like it to be honest because it always gets misspelled as either Allan or Allen so I go by my nickname Al so I will no longer have to correct people. Aside from my name being misspelled a lot I used to get teased back in grade school where people would laugh at the name for no reason.
On the PBS show Arthur, one of the characters is named Alan Powers, although he's more commonly known by his nickname, The Brain.
Alan Bruce, from the TV comedy 'Fawlty Towers'. Alan was told by Basil Fawlty (John Cleese) he was 'disgusted that he hadn't shaved'.
The origin of Alan did come from the area known as Iran, but is not Iranian. It is instead Parthian in origin or otherwise from Israelite origin. The Israelites were freed from Babylon by King Darius of Persia. They resettled in the area that became Parthia a freed nation of Israelites that eventually immigrated north towards Europe.
Growing up I hated Alan as my first name so my family called me by my middle name. There were 3 Alan's in my high school class all with the same spelling. As an adult I have very rarely come across the same "Alan" spelling. I have found people will almost always spell my name Allen unless I tell them otherwise.
Another famous bearer of the name is the character Alan Tracy; the youngest brother in the Tracy family in the popular TV series and movie Thunderbirds.
I think Alan's real meaning should be "Rock".
Alan is one of those boring, flat sounding kind of male names. Also, it's pretty outdated. I don't see any appeal over the name Alan. Even though many people find the name John boring and common, the classic name John sooo beats this name!
Alan Turing was a British computer scientist.
Alan reminds me of a creepy forty-something man with greasy hair and bad social skills. This is why I detest this name, plus the name itself sounds a tad off to me.
When I first saw this name as a child, I thought it was pronounced A-LAN and didn't realize it was another version of Allen. The spelling Allen has always seemed much more intuitive and attractive to me, though I've also grown to like Allan. The Alan spelling also makes me think of the horrid Alan Chartock, the head of NPR in Upstate New York.
Alan Moore, a British writer. His most known works include the comic book series 'Watchmen' and 'V for Vendetta' and the Batman one-shot 'Batman: The Killing Joke'.
If Alan really means handsome, then that makes sense! There is a REALLY handsome guy at my school named Alan. I like this name because it's manly yet elegant :)
English comedian Alan Carr (born 14 June 1976) is a British television personality best known for his "camp" manner.
Alan Gray from the Babysitters Club series by Ann M. Martin, he has a crush on Claudia and Kristy plus Kristy had a crush on him.
It is nice, but now when I hear it all I can think of is that show on BBC, Walk on the Wild Side: Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Al! Alan! Alan!
Alan Stewart Paton is a South African author and anti-apartheid activist known for his novel Cry, the Beloved Country.
I have a brother in law that's named Alan. I don't really like the name, something about the sound of it kind of makes it weird for me.
Alan and Alen (a far more common variant) are also common in Croatia.
This is a great name, it's very handsome and masculine sounding, it's simple yet elegant, classic yet urban and best of all, it goes well at any age, it's cute for a little boy and respectable for an adult man.
Oh, oh, don't forget, Alan Breck Stewart! In case you haven't read "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson:
Alan are half human half bird like creatures that originate from the Philippines. They live within the forests and spend much of their time hanging upside down from trees. This is due to that they have the fingers on their feet and their hands have toes on. They are mischievous in nature but are friendly to humans and some legends refer to them bringing up children that have lost their parents.
Czech, Polish and Slovak pronunciation is "ah-LAHN".
Famous bearer: Alan Rickman.
It's also a Polish name, but I don't like it, it's strange and it sounds stupid for me.
Alan Arkin, an American actor who won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his role in Little Miss Sunshine.
ALLAN is a personal name in Iceland, and the name ALLAN appears as as a surname as ALLANSSON (in the usual Scandinavian fashion).ALAN may therfore derive from ALLAN and not vice versa.ALAIN is the French form - and seems also to come from Normandy which was Viking colony (on which basis William The Conqueror, Duke of Normandy claimed the British throne by a tenuous blood claim (Wikipedia)).My guess is that the name is Scandinavian passed into Scotland, Iceland, Normandy and Brittany with the Viking diapsora and the Danish kingdoms (Iceland was a part of Denmark).
This is the name of a character in the 1987 film, Lost Boys.
It is the name of Alan Frogg.
I named my son in honour of Alan Wilder, the talented musician, ex-member of Depeche Mode. I'm Russian, and in country this name is met extremely seldomly (only among inhabitants of Caucasus is this name rather popular). My family and friends were surprised with my choice, it sounds exotic for Russian. In 30 years of 20th century foreign names were popular in Russia, but now it's fashionable to give traditional Russian names. In my view they often sound disharmonious.
Alan Wilder, the musican, ex-member of Depeche Mode, Alan Parsons, the director.
Latin Christian names with their English equivalents: Alanus, Aleyn, Alan
Correlation to the word Alien, that means now a resident foreigner, or an outsider. So from the Roman times, a member of the Alan tribe was an Aleyn. (alt spelling?)
The Scottish Gaelic little rock does not stand for Alan, it would have to be made into a plural to possibly give it a chance. To pronounce the name Alan in Gaelic can also have the meaning a green plain, much in the way as the word steppe, where the people known as the Alans once lived. The Breton meaning for Alan as being good looking could easily come from the Alans too, as it was said the looks of the people were striking with shoulder length blonde hair quite often, and blue or green eyes.
Alan Breck, from "Kidnapped" (by Robert Louis Stevenson).
The birth of the world's first test tube quintuplets is recorded in London, England. Alan, Brett, Connor, Douglas and Edward are the names chosen by parents Linda and Bruce Jacobssen.
A famous bearer is actor Alan Young (born November 19, 1919). He is best known for his Emmy Award-winning role on the television series 'Mister Ed,' opposite the titular talking horse character. He is also well-known for his roles on radio.
Alan Caldwell is the birth name of Rory Storm, founder of the Liverpudlian band Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, known for being the group Ringo Starr played with before becoming a Beatle.
British actor Alan Davies, who knows that his name is a word for a rock. Not a pebble. Possibly a boulder.
My favourite Alan is great British actor Alan Bates. One of the best of his generation.
Also a boys name in Slovenia.
The presentation speaks of several Breton dukes called Alan. The first, Alan the great, was king (not duke) of the Bretons; then Brittany had the dukes Alan II, Alan III and Alan IV. No other nation to my knowledge has given power to people bearing this name.
Alan is the name of my incredibly handsome fiancé and I love it! It’s simple, sophisticated, and original, all in one.
Alan Jackson, a country singer.
Makes for a good strong middle name for a guy.
One of my books says this is Celtic, possibly meaning "peace". Not sure if I trust that since it doesn't say so elsewhere.
It means handsome and trusting, honest and kind.
Some things to keep in mind if you're thinking about naming your child Alan. My husband's name is Alan. Others rarely spell his name right (often they spell it Allen or Allan). We have a two syllable last name that also ends in the letter "n" so the two names sort of "run into each other." He constantly has to repeat his name. Therefore, he often introduces himself as Al instead of Alan to avoid confusion. About half the time he gets called Al. Personally, I like his name, but he really doesn't.
Alan Wilder - a former member of "Depeche Mode".
Another famous bearer is actor Alan Ladd who starred in many 'films noir' such as "The Glass Key", "The Blue Dahlia" and various others. Personally, I think Alan is a fine name and has a nice sound to it.
I am a fan of Alan Stivell (the Celtic musician). Do you know the sound of Alan Stivell's music?
A mistake in the website name's explaination: Alan is Scottish, English, Breton (with a different pronunciation).
Alan was originally popular in Brittany and Scotland; the most famous Breton called Alan is Alan Stivell.
The Alans ( Alani in latin or Alanoi in greek) were a nomadic tribe of horsemen of Iranian origin, dwelling in Ossetia in the northern Caucasia during the Classical Antiquity. There were related to the Scytes or the Sarmates. After being defeated by the Huns in the fourth century, some of them moved westward and settled in France in the Loire valley around Orleans. A part of this group, in alliance with the Vandals, a Germanic tribe, moved further west to Spain. They left their name to various cities in France like Allaines, Allainville, Alaincourt. But it is also plausible that the first name Alan, popular in Brittany, and which was used as soon as the fourth century in Armorica (ancient name for the part of Gaule including the Brittany peninsula), has also a Celtic origin.More informations at:,
My middle name is Allyn, since both my dad and grandfather (different sides of the family) had that as their middle names, and my mom decided to give me a unique version as I am a girl. I LOVE my middle name and that I have yet to meet another girl with the name or even close to my spelling. :)
Alan Autry is an actor born Carlos Alan Autry. He's known for his role as Bubba Skinner on the T.V. show "In the Heat of the Night." He also played football for the Green Bay Packers and is currently mayor of Fresno, California.
Actor Alan Alda is a famous bearer.
Alan Alexander Milne / A. A. Milne, was a British author, best known for his books about Winnie-the-Pooh.
The word 'old', developed from Anglian 'ald' and West Saxon 'eald', is from the Proto-Germanic 'aldas', which was originally a past participle formation from the verb stem 'al-', found in Old English 'alan' and Gothic 'alan' meaning 'grow' or 'nourish', or 'increase'.
I didn't really like the name 'Alan' that much when I was younger. Now I think it's kind of cute. You can also spell it ALLan or AllEn.
Two actors - Alan Cummings and Alan Rickman - have that name.

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