Also Piedmontese (form of Albert). I know that Piedmontese is not an usage here in the main database. I've just noticed it.
Also Flemish and French (Belgian):
Also Afrikaans:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
I don’t like it, old and hideous.
My father's name is Albert and said his parents named him this because of Albert Einstein. It may sound dated, but is a cool name in my opinion. I love the nickname Bert too.
Sounds like a creepy weirdo. So ugly and dated.
Mr Flim Flam.
Albert sounds good. Although it is considered an old-fashioned name, I also see it as a little boy's name, since the Spanish version, which is very similar (Alberto), is currently a very popular name in my country (I am Spanish, by the way). It is a classic, appropriate and elegant name.
Flamingo’s name is Albert.
It's pretty handsome but, I don't like the nickname Bert... I guess you could go with Al.
Also Romansh.
Source: "Vornamen in der Schweiz. Prénoms en Suisse. I nomi in Svizzera. Prenoms in Svizra" (1993) published by the Association of Swiss registrars. -- his father, Albert Derungs
Also Friulian: -- Albert Picotti
Also Piedmontese:
On first impressions Albert is a so and so type of name that has its positives I suppose. Although, like most of the comments on here, I would have to say that it is not to my taste.
I am sorry, but it is horrid.
Albert is the name of the day, Thursday, January 28th, 2021.
I love Camus!
I think about the Youtuber Flamingo when I see this name.
I just think of Albert from flamingo xD.
A Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt (Albert Gustaf Aristides Edelfelt).
Also Finnish name. Finnish name day April 24. [noted -ed]
Ugly name. Bert or Albie just makes it worse.
Prince Albert!
Meh! Not really my taste. It just looks stodgy, old, and tired. :(
Albert is a timeless name that is never too old fashioned. Allison on the other hand has a kitschy sound to it that makes it appear quite tacky.
Albert Woodfox (1947-) currently holds the record for the longest time ever spent in solitary confinement in the United States. He is now a known American activist.
I love the name Albert, it’s really traditional sounding and has lots of delightful nicknames like Albie and Bertie and just Al when they are older. A top name :-)
I don't know why, but I really like that this name rhymes with Robert. It's also Einstein's name. I love it!
Isn't the name fragment "er" pronounced as a u in German and Danish?
Add Usage: Czech, SlovakPronounced: AL-bərt (American English, Dutch), AL-bət (British English), AL-BEHR (French), əl-BEHRT (Catalan), AL-but (German), AL-behrt (Polish, Czech, Slovak), UL-byirt (Russian), AL-beht (Swedish), AL-bud (Danish), AWL-behrt (Hungarian)
Also Slovak:
Also Czech:
According to, there are sixty people in the U.S. named Albert Albert and twelve named Albert Alberts.
I just think of Fat Albert.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Albert who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 202nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Very dated.
Albert Quinn Ingalls from Little House On The Prairie WOOHOO THE BEST TV SHOW CHARACTER EVER!
Albert or Mr. is the name of Celie's abusive husband in The Color Purple. He uses her to care for his kids from his previous marriage and for sex. He begins to respect Celie at the end of the book.
Love this name! A timeless classic, and also love the nicknames, especially Bertie, or in Hungarian Berti or Berci. Super cute for a little boy!
This name is okay. It does sound quite old fashioned though, kinda like how Arthur and Mitchell do. I would never use it personally, but it's an alright enough name.
Albert Saritov (1985-) is a Romanian freestyle wrestler of Chechen descent. He won a bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics and in the 2011 World Wrestling Championships in Istanbul, Turkey.
Albert Johnson, better known by his stage name Prodigy, was an American rapper and one half of the hip hop duo Mobb Deep with Havoc. He was the great-great-grandson of the founder of Morehouse College.
Albert Nozaki was a Japanese American art director who worked on various films for Paramount Pictures. He is perhaps best known for his memorable design of the Martian war machines from the 1953 film The War of the Worlds and for his Academy Award-nominated art direction on the 1956 Cecil B. DeMille epic, The Ten Commandments. He retired in 1969 due to retinitis pigmentosa, which ultimately cost him his sight. Starting out at Paramount as a draftsman in the Paramount set-design department in 1934, he retired in 1969 as the studio's supervising art director for feature films.
Albert II is the reigning monarch of the Principality of Monaco and head of the princely house of Grimaldi. He is the son of Prince Rainier III and the American actress Grace Kelly. Prince Albert's sisters are Caroline, Princess of Hanover, and Princess Stéphanie. In July 2011, Prince Albert married Charlene Wittstock.
Albert Lebrun (1871-1950) was the 15th President of France from 1932 to 1940.
Hungarian pronunciation: AWL-bert.
Albert is a fine boys name that I'm glad to see is popular. It has a classic ring to it and I like "Bert" and "Bertie" as shortened forms.
The name is also rather common in Iceland. [noted -ed]
Albert Fish was an American serial killer.
Albert is of German origin it means of noble birth.
Prince Henry Charles Albert David Of Wales. Born September 15, 1984.
Dr. Albert "Ross" Tilley (November 24, 1904 – April 19, 1988) was a Canadian plastic surgeon who pioneered the treatment of burned members of the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War.
Albert Pieczonka.
Albert (1738-1822) was the son of Augustus III of Poland and his wife Maria Josepha. He was married to Maria Christina of Austria, the daughter of Maria Theresia and the older sister of Marie Antoinette.
Albert (1875-1900) was the son of King George of Saxony and his wife Maria Ana of Portugal.
Albert (1828-1902) was the son of King John of Saxony and his wife Amalie. He later became King of Saxony himself.
Albert (1895-1952) was the birthname of King George VI, father of current Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. He was the son of King George V and his wife Mary of Teck and became King in 1936 after his older brother Edward abdicated.
Albert Victor was the oldest son of King Edward VII of the UK and his wife Alexandra of Denmark. He died age 28, his younger brother became King instead. Some people think that he might have been the real Jack the Ripper.
I quite like this, particularly with the German and French pronunciations. It's very handsome and distinguished, and has a long history. I'd definitely use it.
The only downside is that I really dislike the nicknames Al and Bert, and I wouldn't want people to call my child that. Albie and Bertie are cute nicknames though.
It means "noble and bright" and Albert Einstein is famous bearer. Wonderful!
Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse [French Sculptor, 1824-1887].
Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902) was a German-born American painter.
Dr Albert Coombs Barnes (January 2, 1872 – July 24, 1951) was an American chemist and art collector.
Albert Anker (1831-1910) was a Swiss painter. He was one of Adolf Hitler's favourite artists.
Indeed. I am planning on using it there as well as I am Hungarian. Not in the Top 100, at least since 2000-2009, but I think pronounced the French way it is absolutely stunning. So cute! Almost Albear, but Al-BER, so cute! Sorry. :) In Denmark, Albert is in the top 50 and climbing! I am deciding between Albert and Oliver. The only reason I would go with Oliver (popular in Hungary) is because the name is popular there and across Europe. Albert is not to that degree. But I like Albert, my little bear, and I will use Albert. :)
Also used in Hungary. [noted -ed]
I only think of Albert Einstein when I hear this name. The meaning is great and the sound of it is classy, mature, strong. HaHa, Albert Einstein is mainly the reason why I like this name.
Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was married to Queen Victoria and was the love of her life.
Awful. Makes me think of a loud grouchy old man in a wheelchair who pokes people with a cane when he wants something. The only Albert I know doesn't go by Albert, but by his middle name. He doesn't even write it out in his official signature.
Also a masculine name in Croatia.
The German pronunciation sounds just like the Polish one: AHL-bert. [noted -ed]
Albert Hammond and Albert Hammond, Jr. are two famous bearers of this name.Albert Hammond is a musician who is best known for his 1972 song "It Never Rains in Southern California."Albert Hammond, Jr. is also a musician. He is the guitarist for The Strokes as well as a solo artist.
They even use it, written in the same way, in Hungary.
Even if some people think this is an old-fashioned name, I quite like it, and the nickname Bertie. By the way, I think this name is used in German as well.
Albert is not given anymore in France, it's way too old-fashionned and doesn't really sound nice. It sounds like Robert etc, and these are way out of fashion in France.
You have an error I found.You said that the name "Albert" was born by 2 TWENTIETH century kings from Belgium < How can this be when Albert Einstein was born with the name in 1800's?
Singer Kate Bush named her son as Albert, nickname is Bertie.
I find this name very sweet, soft and tender. Perfect name for a gentle and thoughtful boy.
Talented Israeli born fashion designer Alber Elbaz, originally Albert. He is known for his wearable, feminine designs for the oldest extant fashion house Lanvin.
Paul McCartney has a song called "Uncle Albert".
I would think that parents who name their son Albert are very elitist, snobby, conservative, old-fashioned, and tend to be offended by anything slightly controversial. The name sounds quite dated and geeky, even though the nickname Al has none of that snobby elitist vibe to it. However, it sounds like the nickname of a middle-aged guy by now.
That name is also used in Germany and it is pronounced ALL-Bert but the A is not pronounced like the English all (ohll). It sounds like the A in staff, like every A in German.
You have to be careful to take accents into account when indicating pronunciation. The "a" in "staff" would have the wrong pronunciation in American English. The "a" in "father" would be better, as this has the sound of German "a" in any accent of English (so far as I know).
Albert Horák jr. and sr. are fictional characters from the movie "S tebou mě baví svět". They are played by Július Satinský and Marek Dvořák.
Albert Quinn was a (rather bratty and selfish) character portrayed by Matthew Laborteaux in the later of the popular '70's-'80's television series, "Little House on the Prairie". Albert was not a real person however, the real Ingalls family never adopted a son and instead had 4 daughters and one son who died as an infant.
I actually like this name. It just has a nice sound to it, and I like Al as a nickname.
Albert Wesker, ex-S.T.A.R.S. captain, former scientist, and one true badass from the Resident Evil franchise.
I absolutely love this name! Though, I do prefer the French pronunciation to the English or German.
It's not entirely true that this name was introduced to Britain by the Normans. It existed in England prior to 1066 in its Anglo-Saxon form 'Æthelbeorht' which is modernised/Normanised as Albert. [noted -ed]
I think this is a classic name. It has been popular for over 100 years.
I was wondering why Prince Albert of England was named Albert even though he was German. And Albert Einstein and a few other Albert's have been German yet this doesn't appear to be an English name.
I simply find it royal. Albert's a royalty name. ;)
King Albert is the King of the Belgians. He is married to Queen Paola and they have three children together.
Sad to say the first Albert that comes to my mind is Fat Albert! Hey-hey-hey! Also Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's love, but also a kind of tobacco that inspired the age-old telephone prank played on drugstores: "Do you have Prince Albert in a can? Well, you better let him out quick!" Also a Prince Albert is an especially disgusting type of genital piercing for men.
Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi, Sovereign Prince of Monaco, is the name of the current ruler of the Principality of Monaco (born March 14, 1958). He took over the throne of Monaco upon the death of his father, Prince Rainier III. His mother was actress Grace Kelly.
The St. Louis Cardinals' 1st baseman, Albert Pujols, bears this name. He is originally from the Dominican Republic.
I think it's quite a British name; quite old-fashioned as well. Prince Albert was the prince consort to Queen Victoria. She was devastated when he died young and wore black for the rest of her life in mourning for him.
Famous bearer is Albert Einstein.
I think Albert is a much prettier name when pronounced the French way (al-bear).
Ed Wynn played Uncle Albert, the man who had a "laughing disease," in Disney's "Mary Poppins."
Albert sounds like an old grandad to me - not a very nice name for a child.

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