I drastically prefer Alicia.
My name is Aliesha which I think is an awesome spelling of it as it is very unique- it isn't even found on here.
The name Alecia was given to 71 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Pretty. I like the name better with an "i" instead of an "e", but this is nice, too. And Alecia Moore happens to be a favorite singer of mine.
Ok I think this name is pretty fun. There are also a lot of ways to spell it. But the way ALECIA is spelled is pretty unique. :P plus it's the way mine is spelled!
It's just an uglier spelling of the overused Alicia. This spelling reminds me of Alecia Moore, better known as Pink, and I can't stand her music. I don't like her much as a person either.
Alecia McKenzie is a prize-winning Caribbean writer.
Alecia Elliott is a contemporary country music singer and actress.
This is singer Pink's first name. Her full name is Alecia Beth Moore and a lot of people think her first name is spelled Alicia.

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