Not a fan AT ALL!
It's pretty.
My Alessa was born in May of 2014. She is sunshine walking around in a little person! She's funny and smart and just wonderful. Everyone says that, of course, but she really does bring joy to everyone! She was named after Alessa Gillespie from Silent Hill. My husband and I both had decided to name a daughter that before we even started dating!

One thing we've encountered is that people seem incapable of pronouncing her name, or think that we're just creatively spelling "Alyssa". Even when we say her name right to someone they can't repeat it back! It's like a phenomenon. She's been called Alyssa, Alisa, Alice-uh (I don't know how that should be spelled but it's Alice with an UH), and her pediatrician's nurse has called her Alicia!

I still love her name and think it's beautiful, but be advised; some people just can't figure it out!
I lived in Italy for a few years and I speak with some knowledge, Alessa is a name used in Italy. Alessa is to Alessandra as Sandi is to Sandra. My name is Sandra although I primarily go by Sandi. I wanted to name my daughter Alessandra and my husband wasn't a fan; so, we compromised on Alessa. They both, Sandi and Alessa, have the same meaning of "defender, helper and/or caretaker of mankind". Like other comments she has experienced pronunciation issues. Once she gives her explanation of "it's the word 'less' with an a at the beginning and an a at the end." When she is older she will definitely know if someone calling actually knows her or if it is just a sales or survey call.
Nope. Alessandra's nicks are ALESSIA and ALE. Alessa is never being used in Italy, and it's more egyptian.
Alessa Gillespie from Silent Hill! Great movie and great character btw! It's a cute name and it's not overused :)
The name Alessa was given to 72 baby girls born in the US in 2012. I think it's a lot prettier than Alexa and Alyssa.
This name makes me a little sad because it's the Italian form of Alexa. (Alessia is Alexis you guys.) However, my name is Alyssa, a name that cannot be pronounced in Italian. Alessa is the closest to my name, but it doesn't actually MEAN my name.
Italian pronunciation for "Alessa":


"A" is as in "Father." The "E" in "Le" is very similar to "Hey" (minus the "H"). Both "SS"s must be pronounced-- which is most easily accomplished by placing extra emphasis on the letter before ("E"), and following smoothly through, lingering, until rounding it off the the second "A" (pronounced as the first). [noted -ed]
This is so beautiful!
I love this name. It sounds so beautiful. I actually did hear it first in Silent Hill and it still reminds me of Silent Hill, but I don't care. I love this name.
Nice name over all, but there's a character in the video game series Silent Hill with this name that had some really bad stuff happen to her. But, I guess only a certain group of people would automatically equate it with that.
I love the name Alessandra and really like this nickname. But whenever I hear the name Alessa, I think of the little girl in the movie Silent Hill. Then again, there are people named Carrie and there is that Stephen King movie called Carrie so I guess it doesn't matter.
I don't like "Al" for a girl's nickname and I hate the "less" in this name. I prefer "Alexa" in its place.
The source for this name comes from Alexandros, which is a Greek name. In Italian, Alessa is used as a nickname for Alessandra. The name is used in Italy, but is not of Italian origin.
I've known two girls with that name and both were Greek. I would never have though it was Italian, and the first comment is right it is in fact Alessia.
I think Alessa is a beautiful name. I just love it :)
If you have twins, Alessa and Vanessa would be a good pick.
Wow. I was thinking the same thing Taydbug112!
I love this as a nickname for Alessandra.
The exact Italian form of Alexa is "Alessia", not "Alessa"!

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