Characters in Greek Mythology: 1 character
Cassandra (a.k.a. Alexandra)   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals: 1 character
Alexandra Giddens   1939   The Little Foxes  
Fictional Characters from Television: 10 characters
Lexie Carver (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1965   Days of Our Lives  
Alexandra Borgia   1990   Law & Order  
Alex Mack (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1994   The Secret World of Alex Mack  
Ally Barone (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1996   Everybody Loves Raymond  
Alexandra Cabot   1999   Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  
Alex Eames (a.k.a. Alexandra)   2001   Law & Order: Criminal Intent  
Alex Quinn (a.k.a. Alexandra)   2003   NCIS  
Alex Rousseau (a.k.a. Alexandra)   2004   Lost  
Julie Mayer (a.k.a. Alexandra)   2004   Desperate Housewives  
Lexie Grey (a.k.a. Alexandra)   2005   Grey's Anatomy  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 3 actresses, 1 model
Sigourney Weaver (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1949-  
Alexandra Maria Lara   1978-  
Alexandra Daddario   1986-  
Sofia Richie (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1998-  
Notable Explorers and Adventurers: 1 explorer
Alexandra David-Néel   1868-1969  
Notable Musicians: 1 singer
Natti Natasha (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1986-   Latin pop, reggaeton  
Olympic Medalists: 4 gold, 2 bronze, 2 bronze/gold, 2 silver, 1 silver/bronze
(gold) Sandy Neilson (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1972   swimming - 100 m freestyle; swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay  
(silver/bronze) June Croft (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1980; 1984   swimming  
(gold) Alexandra Araújo   2004   water polo  
(bronze/gold) Alexandra Eremia   2004   artistic gymnastics  
(silver) Sasha Cohen (a.k.a. Alexandra)   2006   figure skating  
(bronze) Alex Danson (a.k.a. Alexandra)   2012   field hockey  
(bronze) Alexandra Tsiavou   2012   rowing  
(gold) Alexandra Patskevich   2012   synchronized swimming  
(gold) Alex Morgan (a.k.a. Alexandra)   2012   football  
(bronze/gold) Alexandra Raisman   2012   artistic gymnastics  
(silver) Alexandra Carpenter   2014   ice hockey  
Other Royalty: 3 princesses, 1 princess/empress consort, 1 princess/queen consort
Alix of Hesse and by Rhine; Aleksandra of Russia (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1872-1894; 1894-1917   Hesse; Russia  
Alexandra of Denmark   1853-1863; 1901-1910   Denmark; United Kingdom  
Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg   1995-2007   Denmark  
Ingrid Alexandra of Norway   2004-   Norway  
Theodora of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. Alexandra)   2004-   Liechtenstein  
Saints: 1 saint
Saint Alexandra   ?-300  
Swedish Kings and Queens: 1 queen
Queen Kristina (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1632-1654  
Title Characters: 2 books, 1 song, 1 tv show
(book) Alexandra   1967   Nicholas and Alexandra  
(tv show) Alex Mack (a.k.a. Alexandra)   1994   The Secret World of Alex Mack  
(song) Alexandra   2014   Alexandra  
(book) Alexandra Gastone   2015   They Call Me Alexandra Gastone