Good and strong name, really masculine and with class! Not anymore used often as it was many decades ago, now it's a rare name, not much used. It feels a little bit like an older male name, but I like this name, because Alfred has quality and charm also.
DeeDeeRee  3/3/2021
Alfred Sole is an American film director, producer, and writer.
noisynora  2/20/2021
It’s a very old name, but that doesn’t stop it from being amazing! Alfred will suit any age and a cute nickname for Alfred is Alfie.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2020
Amazing history and meaning.
Inxpect  11/30/2020
Very amazing.
noisynora  11/28/2020
The name Alfred is also a Catalan name.
paula_vm  11/28/2020
Alfred is absolutely my favourite male name of all time. I love it so much! However, I don't think it should regain popularity. It's an old-fashioned name that is better if left in the past. This is just my personal opinion anyway. You decide!
― Anonymous User  10/30/2020
Alfred is a great name! I love the nicknames "Alf" and "Alfie".
― Anonymous User  10/29/2020
He is my butler
- Batman.
imbatman  10/29/2020
Also Estonian:
Frollein Gladys  7/24/2020
Very ugly and old fashioned.
saturnbrat  5/16/2020
It’s not a good name, it’s a bad bad name despite the feel of the name and its portrayal. Alfred is a German name.
Jace Hendrix  5/12/2020
I love this name!
Some people may consider it old-man-ish, but I definitely don’t think so! If I was born a boy, I would have been called Alfred and I wouldn’t have thought my name was boring or dated at all! The very thought!
I like quite a few of the diminutives for Alfred. My favorite is Alfie, and I also like Freddie and Freddy. Fred is OK, too, but not the diminutive I would pick out of all of them. (Obviously the one I would pick is Alfie!)
BeccyLeader1  3/14/2020
I can’t imagine an American with this name who's under 70. Any boy would get teased for having an old man’s name. I don’t even think it’s a good name. Sounds too much like a last name. It makes me think of a snobby, rich, British man who hates talking to anyone of a lesser class.
― Anonymous User  8/22/2019
Add Usage: Czech

Pronounced: AL-frəd (English), AL-FREHD (French), AL-frehd (Swedish, Czech), AL-freh (Norwegian, Danish), AL-freht (German, Polish), AL-frət (Dutch)
RHAWK3935  7/21/2019
Alfred Noyes was an American poet who is best known for "The Highwayman", a narrative poem.
wh0sbad  7/16/2019
I really like this name :) it has a nice sound to it for me because I kind of like vintage sounding names. I like that it has a lot of history to it and that it is also the name of a favorite character of mine ;)
SpadianAce  5/29/2019
I just think of old men.
kayisforkeen  10/9/2018
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Alfred who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 390th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2018
Alfred is considered a very old, out-dated name in the U.S. Geeky, dorky, unattractive.
― Anonymous User  9/15/2018
Love it! So timeless and classic, with cute nicknames. In Hungary, I'd use the nickname "Frédi".
Aurora_Montana  7/7/2018
On Hetalia Axis Powers, the personification of America is named Alfred. F Jones.
― Anonymous User  6/28/2018
Alfred is a really, really, seriously good name!

Nicknames could be:

Alf, Al, Fred or Alfie, Allie.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2018
Alfred "Freddie" Highmore is an English actor known for playing Charlie Bucket in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)" as well as playing Dr. Shaun Murphy in the television series "The Good Doctor".
― Anonymous User  11/30/2017
Admittedly, it's a nice name. I like the nickname Freddy, a little.
It's unfortunate it went out of style, I imagine it could make a comeback (then people would start spelling it strangely, though... like Alfryd or Elfred. Goodness!)
It's a fun name that I think can fit any personality.
mememan28  11/26/2017
I am mixed with this name, I like it, but I don't at the same time. I would name a dog this, but not a boy.
PickleJuice  10/26/2017
Alfred Hithcock was British! Please update!
mattghg  9/17/2017
The name Alfred was given to 263 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Alfred are male.
― Anonymous User  6/7/2017
I can't really help but love this name, for reasons I am unsure of. It's cute, sweet, and I love the nickname "Fred."
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
Alfred, like in batman, and my dog's name is Alfred.
Ericsomers453  5/6/2016
I love this name. Mainly because of the personification of America from Hetalia (best anime ever!) and "Weird Al" Yankovic.
hazed-pastel  2/8/2016
OH MY FREAKING GOSH! I wouldn't expect to see anything of Hetalia in here! Yes, Alfred is an awesome name. It sounds like a high school jockey or a cool kid, it has its own uniqueness to it.
NativeAmericanBambi  8/7/2016
Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935, the French Jewish army officer unjustly convicted in 1894 of passing intelligence to the Germans, imprisoned on Devil's Island, but eventually (1907) pardoned after a sustained campaign in his favour by people who saw anti-semitism behind his conviction and realized he had been framed.
Just Jonquil  12/15/2015
The mascot of MAD magazine is named Alfred E. Neuman.
― Anonymous User  8/23/2015
Alfred is such an amazing name, this name has such powerful meanings, It reminds me of the nerd that will become the star, if I were to have a kid I would for sure name him this name! Everytime I see it I always fawn over it.
JackFromTitanic  8/2/2015
Alfred Pennyworth (although Damian just calls him Pennyworth) is the butler of Bruce Wayne. Dick and Tim always call him Alfie.
Milkweeddragon  7/19/2015
Love it! This name would honor relatives Albert and Frederick, and would be perfect for a future boy I might have. The nickname Alfie is adorable too, and Alfred sounds like a good name for a boy to grow into. Yes to this type of "old man" names that are ready to be revived for the next generation!
― Anonymous User  5/4/2014
Fictional bearer: Alfred J. Kwak, a duck character created by Dutch singer/songwriter and actor Herman van Veen, famously featured in a cartoon/anime from 1989.
Vellidragon  6/2/2013
This name has grown on me and now I quite like it. Although I don't like any of the nicknames for Alfred, it would be a good name for a boy of any age. This name brings to mind a strong, reliable guy.
autumn23  4/23/2013
This name is seriously adorable. I don't know why, but to me it just is. For a little boy, I think the nicknames Alfie or Freddie are more fitting and still cute, but overall Alfred is an awesome name! It has actual history to it too, unlike all these trendy, made up names.
― Anonymous User  4/17/2013
When I hear the name Alfred, I usually think of Alfred Hitchcock, Alfred from "Batman", and Alfred F. Jones from "Hetalia- Axis Powers".
HetaliaGirl1  1/2/2013
Actor Alfred Lunt (1892-1977).
moonbaby9307  12/29/2012
I really like this name because it has a lot of history to it and sounds regal and imposing, but because of those same reasons, it seems like a lot for a kid to bear. It's hard to imagine this name on anyone younger than 40 for me.
sunshinechild67  12/27/2012
Alfred was the youngest son of King George III of the UK and his wife Charlotte. He died age 1.
CarolinW  6/11/2012
Alfred (1844-1900) was the second son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. He later became Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. His oldest daughter Marie was the Queen of Romania.
CarolinW  6/9/2012
One of my guilty pleasure boys names. It could be made more modern with the nickname Alfie.
Amanda_M87  2/24/2012
Alfred Bruyas (15 August 1821 – 1 January 1876) was an art collector and a personal friend of many important artists of his time.
― Anonymous User  10/13/2011
Alfred F. Jones- or the U.S.A- in Hetalia is indeed a very famous bearer. :)
― Anonymous User  9/20/2011
Alfred Hamilton Barr, Jr. (1902-1981) was an American art historian and museum administrator.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2011
This name seems to grow on me, as Albert and Arthur. Alfred can be cute and I like the nickname "Alfie".
― Anonymous User  4/3/2011
I usually think of "Alfred" the butler from the movie/tv show BATMAN. Alfred was the butler to "Bruce Wayne", aka "Batman". Batman was very rich and had a butler named Alfred, so that's one reason for me to like this name. Fred can be a good alternative to Al/Alfred.
― Anonymous User  10/7/2010
Alfred Ashford is an antagonist in the game Resident Evil Code: Veronica.
snarryvader81  9/27/2010
Technically, wouldn't Alfred mean 'peaceful noble'? Adal (noble) and frid (peace).
― Anonymous User  5/22/2010
Alfred Wegener, a famous man who tried to prove continental drift.
coolcatevan9  12/4/2009
A famous bearer was Hawaiian signer Alfred Apaka (March 19, 1919 – January 30, 1960). He was one of the most noted interpreters of hapa-haole music, a type of music that combines traditional Hawaiian music with traditional pop music.
AndrewJKD  7/9/2009
As a French name, it's for an old man only.
luxsword  10/24/2008
Alfred Bester is an antagonist in twelve episodes of Babylon 5. Although, part of the time, he is on the "good" side, he is disliked/hated by the main characters of the show. He's a Psi Cop, a telepath who is dedicated to hunting down telepaths who have "gone rogue".

The character of Alfred Bester was named after the science fiction writer.
citizenchauvelin  8/27/2008
Alfred Enoch portrays Dean Thomas, Gryffindor, in the Harry Potter films.
― Anonymous User  7/7/2008
Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's (aka Batman's) butler, confidant and father figure, is a famous owner of this beautiful and strong name.
Katrine  5/29/2008
What comes to mind is the MAD guy: ''What, me worry?''. I don't like this old-fashioned name, and I hate the nicknames Alf and Alfie. I loathe Fred as well, so there aren't really any redeeming factors to this name.
slight night shiver  5/14/2008
This name is growing on me. Like Arthur, it feels more and more noble as I think about its royal beginnings.
RedGyl  4/5/2008
Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-1892), English poet often regarded as the chief representative of the Victorian age in poetry.
Manfredo  3/14/2008
Alfred "Freddie" Thomas Highmore is a fifteen year old actor, very well known for playing Charlie Bucket in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and Arthur in "Arthur and the Invisibiles".
Brianna Angela  8/17/2007
Alfred Lammle is a character in "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens.
Kate  5/10/2007
Alfred is the worst name you could get, in my opinion:
There's that nasty song about a nerd called Al. While it's very funny, it doesn't leave you a good impression. Then there's that mean nickname Alfredo. And last, it sounds bad.
7up  3/2/2007
Alfred was the name of Batman's manservant/butler.
p_pod  1/4/2007
A famous bearer is the actor Alfred Molina from Spiderman 2 and the Da Vinci Code.
LouisLovePower  12/9/2006
Alfred was the baby on the British version of Queer as Folk.
Marauder  12/7/2006
Listen to the German pronunciation of Alfred here:
_satu_  11/11/2006
Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas was a poet who is most famous for being the lover of Oscar Wilde.
Marauder  11/9/2006
Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic is easily the best known of all novelty singers. He writes parodies of popular songs and composes silly original tunes, most of which are accompanied by, among other instruments, his accordion. Weird Al got his start on the Dr. Demento Show, a radio program devoted to odd songs, and since 1983, he has released twelve albums. He also had his own television show (creatively titled "The Weird Al Show") on CBS from 1997 to 1998, and starred in the cult classic film UHF in 1989.
WeloveyouJesseLacey  8/27/2006
Famous bearer is Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist and engineer. He was the inventor of dynamite and advocator of the Nobel Prizes.
― Anonymous User  3/27/2006
I always think of Jude Law's character Alfie. Very hot!
― Anonymous User  2/19/2006
Alfred Hitchcock was a famous bearer.
Elphi  12/26/2005
Alfred Hitchcock disliked being called Alfred, and asked all his actors to call him Hitch.
dramaelf  8/7/2006

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