Okay, although this will always be misspelled.
Aaliyah aesthetically is better.
Aliyah looks pretty, exotic & unusual, hence why I prefer this version of the spelling.
Aaliyah looks better.
Strongly dislike.. sorry. This will get constantly misspelled and mispronounced!
Not appealing at all.. the spelling just looks weird as well!
A famous bearer is actress and singer Aliyah Moulden.
Wow so cool, I know an Aliyah, and woop de scoop poop it's a cool name! Also there's a character in the movie 'Fleep' called Aliyah. 10/10 movie I would reccommend.
The Turkish form of this name is Aliye. [noted -ed]
I prefer it be spelled "Ailiyah".
Hopefully this name isn't pronounced like a liar.
Well no, it isn't. There's no "R" at the end of Aliyah for a start. And it's normally a-LEE-yah anyway.
Means the Highest, Most Exhalted, the Best. Made more common by the late singer Aaliyah Dana Haughton who is believed to actually lead the name into its meaning.
Ummm, RIIGHT... It's a very popular name in Arab and other Middle Eastern countries (they probably don't even know who Aaliyah is!) It IS of Arabic origin!

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